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R Kyushu 800-1000 series set U007 approaching Kurume Station on the Kyushu Shinkansen. Image: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/JKT-c

Security cameras to be set up on bullet trains in southwestern Japan


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the introduction of the cameras... will help prevent crimes such as molestation

Better late than never!!

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it is just for Olympics PR. i always had a seat on the shinkensen. cameras are invasive but should be used for dark late night trains and stations in Saitiama or other high crime places.

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"...enhance security ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics..."

"...crimes such as molestation"

Ergo, Japan expects that many visitors to the Tokyo Olympics will head to Kyushu to molest train passengers.

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And the noose tightens on anonimty.

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If something happens, who is going to rush into the area and stop any problem? The snack cart person and the conductor? Will they carry a concealed weapon such as a plastic knife? Chop sticks may help stop someone better than a plastic knife. The camera is just an evidence collector.

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I just can't get why they say "western". West of what? Tokyo?

Anyway, get used to it. It's only going to increase. Maybe TPTB thought the easy going Kyushu people wouldn't mind so much and in a few years all of them will have it. Put one in the drivers car too to make sure they're not napping or have their feet on the panel.

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Might help with thefts, but "molestation"?

What self-respecting chikan is going to fork out extra money for access to a less-crowded service?

Far better the Futsukaichi to Hakata morning express; jam-packed with OLs and nary a guard in sight.

Or so I've heard....

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How many cases of molestation have their been on the Kyushu Shinkansen? The figure has been conveniently omitted. Might I suggest it is a very small number? And if the cameras are not being monitored in real time any "terrorism" will be over before anyone can react.

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Only now??

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After all that terrorism at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, it's no wonder.

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There's no anonymity in public places anyway. Your fears are unfounded, just like with the cameras on normal trains - unless you're planning to do something wrong. No one is stalking you through those cameras, and if anything it might end up helping you if you get falsely accused for groping.

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It should have been done years ago... The entire highway system and the rail way stations have security cameras installed...

If not the concern of the national government, the corporate leadership of the rail companies have been rather loose when it comes to security... (Jokingly... I say... the entire security system hardware for a rail company may cost less than the annual salary of one of the vice president of one of the rail companies.) There is defnitely cost ofr installation, maintenance and constant monitoring... but then that is what assures the safety and security of the passengers. (It takes away some of the privacy... but may also alleviate the problem of sexual and other harassment as well as theft problems.)

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