Semi-trailer travels 1.2 kilometers along highway without driver


A semi-trailer sped along a highway without a driver for 1.2 kilometers in Shijonawate, Osaka, on Tuesday morning.

Police said the truck traveled along the shoulder of the highway, crashing into cars, before colliding with the guardrail and coming to a halt, TV Asahi reported Wednesday.

The driver of one car sustained a broken finger when his car was hit by the truck. Police said this was the only injury reported in the incident.

The 67-year-old driver of the semi-trailer was quoted by police as saying that he didn't properly apply the handbrake when he left his vehicle.

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I saw this on the news last night and fortunately it wasn't worse.

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Osaka?? No surprise here! This old fart is almost 70?? What the hell is he doing still driving a big rig!!

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Another drop kick truck driver FAILS, these delinquent truckies should all be tested properly when renewing their licenses and the test should involve a hell of a lot more than sitting watching a movie for 20 minutes.

They should all be given an IQ test too.

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So nobody wants to blame the car maker for not having automatic parking breaks?

Guess this is another case of a man-made accident slipping by.

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The reason he had to stop on the highway is because he had to take a "leak" according the the news.

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Witnesses were astonished that there was no driver. They all thought that that particular rig was the nicest, least aggressive truck they'd ever come across while driving in Japan.

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I've heard they are experimenting with driverless road-trains (ie 1km long semi-trailers) in Australia - but didn't know Japan had already beaten us to it!

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Export-I don't disagree with the IQ tests, but don't set the bar too high, i need my Cheerios.

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This old fart is almost 70?? What the hell is he doing still driving a big rig!!

To be fair - there ain't that many people left here in Japan under 70!

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The dude should get fired now?

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