Sendai airport reopens with WWII bomb still there


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Berlin's Templehoff Airport was able to operate with a Nazi extensive Labyrinth full of booby traps in its basement. Who says we can't do the same.

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I am hopeful they can get it defused and removed without incident. A moving combination of imagery of terrible events both of human and natural origin.

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Not sure what discussing the matter with local residents will accomplish, short of delaying the bomb's safe disposal... are there people living near the runway??

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Glad I'm landing at Narita at the weekend and not Sendai... that's scary!

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This thing is in the middle of nowhere (unlike the Tokyo one), so they really don't need to do much more than strap some C4 and a place few dozen 10-ton sandbags (they can ask the US military for some) on top. Just detonate the thing and watch the bags barely move.

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basroil... I think the JGSDF also have sandbags.

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Hopefully they at least stop any flights landing/taking off at the moment diffusing begins. Better to be safe than sorry.

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basroil, yeah, and if it does not explode, just watch them close the whole airport for at least two weeks, in order to get it the hell out of there

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Unreal. In the time it will take to construct the concrete walls that were ordered by the "bomb disposal experts", they could have carted the bomb to a safe place and exploded it.

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Wait, sandbags that weigh a ton each? Think someone made a mistake when writing this article.

It would probably be quicker, and safer for EOD personnel, to just detonate it.

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once legal and logistical details are worked out

What would these legal details be? Who owns it? Who gets to photograph it?

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Normally they allow the JSDF detonate these since it's a good training experience.

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