Set of rare Japanese whiskies fetches record HK$7.19 mil at auction


A collection of rare Japanese whiskies fetched 7.19 million Hong Kong dollars ($917,000) at an auction Friday in Hong Kong, a record high for whisky produced in Japan, British auction company Bonhams said Saturday.

Hanyu Ichiro's Malt Full Cards Series consisting of 54 bottles, sold to an Asian female collector, was made in 1985 through 2014 at a distillery in Saitama Prefecture.

Each bottle of whisky was matured in different barrels and is featured with labels of playing cards.

The price nearly doubled from 3.80 million Hong Kong dollars fetched in 2015 at an auction held by Bonhams.

"I was shocked" to hear the price, said Ichiro Akuto, president of the distillery, Venture Whisky. "I appreciate the high evaluation, but I'm anxious if they would be consumed with satisfaction after being sold at such an extraordinary price. I will be glad if they are consumed," he said.


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With the price doubling in such a Shiretoko period then it is unlikely that they will be drunk...ever.

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Yet unlike brandy or other alcohols, these whiskeys will not continue to "age" over time, and while their value is in their uniqueness the whiskey itself will never change!

I have well over 50 year old bottles of Johnnie that I am slowly working my way through, and they taste just the same as a brand new one! (I know I tried!)

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Only 1.7 million yen per bottle. Drink up, me hearties.

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She is a whisky collector. She would never drink it but keep it as treasure forever.

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Only wimes continue to mature once they have been bottled. A 50 yo bottle of J.W. 12 yo will taste like a fresh bottle, barring changes to the stills, mash, proportion of keynote whisky, etc. The switch from cask to bottle stops maturation.

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"...sold to an asian female collector." I have always wanted to collect asian females.

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