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Seven & i begins donation of unexpired food items to needy families


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Good! I hope this can quickly go nationwide. Help those who need help, and ask nothing of them.

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About time, they waste close to ¥11 trillion a year and it costs them ¥2 trillion to destroy.

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Great to read this. Next let's see Aeon Group do the same please.

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The third richest economy on this planet, the first, second and every other economy sees the need for charities to feed ever increasing numbers of their populations: The system isn’t working as it should.

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Seven and i at their Ito Yokada supermarkets employ many single mothers on the bare minimum wage part time contracts.

No hand outs or staff discounts for these unfortunate ladies though.

Charity should begin at home.

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I used to work at a grocery store and we threw out so much food that could have gone to a food bank but couldn't do due to liability. So glad that there doing this.

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more of this. And they should start at the source. Farms, should not throw away good food just because it looks ugly. So much good food is wasted because it has a dent or a black mark. I believe France had a ugly food sale once

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Fantastic! Good for 7 and I Holdings! It's rare to read a news item and feel really good about it. I'm gonna start shopping at more their stores. Hopefully this'll catch on with other companies especially the big ones.

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Well done to the company involved. Let's see this become widespread.

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What a splendid idea! I think more companies (grocery store chains, combinis and the like) should also join in and do more because there are many families that would benefit tremendously from this.

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Good. It's a scandal when good food gets thrown away, especially when many people are struggling to make ends meet.

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I do hope more companies learn from 7 and I Holdings. This a wonderful idea. We need to reduce food waste even more and help struggling families. Wonderful news. I'm certainly taking my business to 7-11 now. Hope the other conbinis do the same too

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Only one store and good advertising. I hope it goes well.

i was a volunteer for one day a week for a year giving fruit and vegetables to orphans in Japan. I feel that in some way, they will have benefited.

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Two thumbs up!

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If they move fast to side-step the inevitable red tape and middle men who seek to benefit and profit from this, they can expand it quickly. I'm sorry, but "99 items" is a very paltry start, five boxes or not, for such a massive conglomerate, although I applaud the idea. Get going FAST!

If they can do it right, it alleviates two major problems.

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Five cardboard boxes. Wow.

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