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Volcano death toll hits 47; unknown number still missing

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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Awful news. There is a horrible chance now the toll will be over 100 - Im just hoping that the bodies can be recovered within the next few weeks or else they may have to wait until next Spring-Summer. Rest in Peace.

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How dangerous it actually is, isn't it? One might expect to have enough time to get away when first signs appear that the volcano will erupt, but it seems not to be always the case.

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Just so horrible that it happened at the peak timing...RIP to those who perished,just so sad they were there at the wrong time...

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48 according to international news sources. But I might be proved right tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next. It's a sad day when so many people are killed doing what they love. They will be missed.

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Such a great tragedy and a truly sad day for Japan, thoughts and condolences go out to those that lost loved ones

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They must know how many have been reported missing.

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I think they know how many have been reported missing, but they don't know how many are missing unreported.

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They showed some of the rocks that came raining down and killed people on TV. Scary stuff! The power of nature.

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