Several bodies in Korean-marked boat found on Sado island


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NK defectors no doubt - very sad. RIP.

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That's too bad. Sadly this was the only way out of N. Korea... (in infact they were trying to escape N. Korea)

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" 'Tis to a far, far better rest I go than I have ever known..."

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Perhaps the Republic of Korea will send some people to help with the investigation. It is possible they came from there.

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And Kim Jong Un wants Japan transform into ashes this December 21st, for hiding their refugees, as they know where they are, because the North Korean defector's bloodstream, is actually their GPS transmitter

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Sounds like would-be defectors to me. In any case, it's tragic, and I also feel sorry for the people that found them.

"The police spokesman said the Korean characters were impossible to read."

Korean characters are pretty basic -- if they were impossible to read, I don't understand how they knew it was Korean. I can see how it was impossible to understand or make sense of words, but individual characters?

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Smith I can not read of of them.

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Smith: it might be that the letters were written on the side and had faded after years of facing the elements. It is possible that they could make out a letter or 2 but not enough to fully read the name of the vessel.

When will North Korea wake up and try to actually help its citizens rather than trying to lie to them about the evils outside of their boarders. I don't think they have to become a capitalist country but at least accept that the current policies are killing the nation. I know a lot of people would be more than willing to help with food and medical aid if they knew it was getting to the people who need it most but with the current system, that is far from likely.

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sakurala: Exactly my point. Saying the 'characters' were unreadable is misleading. Anyway, enough on the technicalities. I'm with you on the NK thing and hoping they finally, someday, get their butts in gear and protect their people.

Yuri: "Smith I can not read of of them."

Is there a picture somewhere?

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I just googled for an image and it is amazing that the boat actually made it anywhere. It looks pretty beat up and is missing a big chunk at the back. I don't see any writing from the photo but there must be some, somewhere...

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Chosun Ilbo has a picture of the boat. It looks like more like a several decades old derelict, I wouldn't have gotten into that thing unless I was desperate.

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From the video on the BBC news site it looks as if the rear half is missing, and also looks very very old.

The name on the bow is silt-covered but the first two characters are pretty clear... I suppose wiping it down would make it all readable.

Anyway, video here:

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Both the bow and the stern smashed and the entire superstructure ripped away. This boat was in a typhoon. I wonder how many people were onboard before the storm hit?

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why escape to Japan ? S. Korea is lot closer

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Oberst I don't think they were escaping to Japan..they died at sea possibly and the boat drifted there.

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Yes I saw a picture of the writing and it is too distorted by weather and time. Also they may have just been lost at sea in a storm. Not every fishing boat from Korea contains defectors. As Fadamor writes they may have been in a typhoon. They may never discover for sure their names. Then again they may be able to discover them through examination.

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oberst: It may be harder to escape to South Korea because they would have a higher chance of being spotted going down the coast. They may have been defectors, they may have had boat troubles or got blown off course due to a typhoon. I hope their souls will finally be able to rest no matter what the case may be.

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When will North Korea wake up and try to actually help its citizens

Never, because the rulers of North Korea would have to give up their own power and prestige to help its citizens and some of them would eventually have to face a trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. And, of course, China is only too happy to keep on protecting the rulers of North Korea.

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I just want to point out that no official has stated that these unfortunate people were defectors. That aspect of this discussion is all speculation.

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