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Shibuya to get observation deck atop new skyscraper


Visitors to Shibuya will be able to get a bird's-eye view of the world famous Shibuya crossing from an observation deck atop a new skyscraper being built.

As part of an ongoing redevelopment project that is taking place in Shibuya, there will be an observation deck on top of a still-under-construction skyscraper scheduled for completion in 2019, Tokyu Corp said. The skyscraper, which will be 230 meters high and occupy 3,000 square meters, will be directly connected to Shibuya station.

Tokyu Corp is carrying out the project with JR East and Tokyo Metro. The views from the deck will be not only of the scramble crossing below but also Mount Fuji and the Shinjuku area. There will be a bar where customers can relax over a drink while looking out over Tokyo.

Other parts of the redevelopment project include a "water storage tank" to drain away rainwater in case of heavy rain and an east exit underground plaza to ease congestion when commuters transfer from one train to another.

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If it's on top of the skyscraper, how will people see the crossing so far below?

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From 200m + up it will look like you are watching ants running around your feet.

I'm looking forward to getting some pictures of Fuijsan on a clear winter day right around sunset.

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should be nice, a 4 year wait though.

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I stand on my balcony, which has a nice view of downtown Tokyo, and see crane after crane. New buildings going up everywhere, and buildings are being torn down and rebuilt here in Shinjuku one after another. Yet, everything I read says that Japan is a ruined country. Does not compute, as they say.

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Cool......might be able to see our Tokyo office building in Aoyama Dori from the deck. Definitely plan on visiting and having a beer or two from the bar!

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If it's on top of the skyscraper, how will people see the crossing so far below?

Probably they'll install those fixed binoculars and charge the people, a hundred-and-eight yen, to see it.

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