Shimane police search woods for missing university student


About 40 police officers searched woods on Wednesday near the road along which missing university student Miyako Hiraoka, 19, used to commute from her dormitory to her part-time job workplace, but no leads to her whereabouts were found, police said.

Hiraoka was last seen leaving the ice cream shop where she worked at a shopping center in Hamada City at around 9.15 p.m. on Oct 26, and has been missing since. Calls to her cell phone have gone unanswered and police released a photo of her to the public on Monday, appealing for information.

Hiraoka’s workplace was about one kilometer from her student dormitory, and police divided into three teams to also search alternative routes she may have used on Oct 26. Police said that each of the roads had poor lighting, and will continue their search on Thursday.

A staff member at Hiraoka’s workplace said she worked there three times a week but had informed them in mid-October she would be quitting to focus on her studies. Her last shift was scheduled for Oct 28.

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This is a sad story, I hope that she can be found alive. My best wishes go out to her and her family.

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Oh no... I hope they find her, and that she is all right.

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Hope for the best and that she is safe.

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Having taught in Shimane for a number of years, things like this seem to hit closer to home. I hope they find her safe and sound.

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EACH of the roads had poor lighting.


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EACH of the roads had poor lighting. Sigh.

Please show me evidence that a lack of lighting and crime go hand in hand. And even if you can, please qualify and quantify why increased street lighting is more important than environmental and sleep considerations.

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He was commenting on the grammar (in a predictably tiresome manner).

iLoveNippon; once you have the data from saborichan, what will you be doing with it? I would love to see your schema.

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I hope she is found safe, very scary situation.

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