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Shortage of pilots at Air Do causes cancellation of 34 flights


A shortage of pilots at Air Do, the Sapporo-based low-cost carrier (LCC) that operates six flights from Hokkaido to Honshu, has caused the cancellation of 34 flights in November. The two suspended routes departing from New Chitose Airport are being attributed to pilots retiring from their jobs.

Air Do said the retirement of one pilot in August of this year and another in October has created difficulties in sorting out the present flight schedule, Sankei Shimbun reported. Therefore, Air Do announced it will partially suspend flights from New Chitose Airport to Haneda and Sendai.

According to Air Do, approximately 2,400 passengers will be affected by the carrier’s suspension of 34 flights.

Currently, pilots are globally in high demand within the aviation industry due to the surge of LCCs.

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Why does this scare me?

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After 9/11, the airlines instigated massive layoffs worldwide, refused to give experienced pilots raises and worsened working conditions. They are reaping what they sow...and we are all suffering as a result.

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There is not really a pilot shortage, the shortage is in the amount airlines are willing to pay. If an airline says can’t find pilots, they just need to up their offer.

ANA is having a banner year, and this link is to a JT story on pilot ‘shortages.’

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Same things happening with Ryan Air in Europe. They say it's because pilots are taking their (legally entitled to) annual leave, but really it's because Ryan Air pay and terms and conditions aren't very good so they can't recruit and the pilots they do have are going elsewhere.

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Perfect name to rework that old Hall and Oates tune: Say no to Do? Say no dough? Do no go?

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Surely Air Do knew well in advance that their pilots would be retiring. Why didn't they act sooner to recruit new ones? Perhaps by "retiring" they mean "moving to a higher paid position at a different airline".

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If they give me free training, I will become a pilot! It is good old pilots retire. Better than the cabin crew broadcast a message, "we will make an emerngency landing as the pilot had a heart attack and the co-pilot is stuck in the toilet."

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It is just an indication of the lowest level of a total labor shortage in the airline industry. All employees in an field need to move to higher paying jobs when vacancies occur. The one job for the rest of the life philosophy is gone forever. Yes, the result will be higher costs for everything including an airline ticket, but the growth in the economy (more taxes for a wasteful government) will be be good news for everyone.

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"Air Doesn't" ?

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Surely “Air Don’t”?

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