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Six dead as blizzards hit northern Japan


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Yowza. RIP, people. There are indeed strong winds out there, and a whole lot of cold, so take care, people.

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My highest respect and condolences for the father who honorably protect his 9 yr old daughter at the sake of his own life. You are a shining example for every parents in Japan and the world....

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They are believed to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning as the car’s exhaust pipe and was blocked by snow and the windows were up, Kyodo News said, adding that snowfalls of more than two meters were recorded in the area.

Cars should really come equipped with carbon monoxide meters. Never operate a heater in a house or car without one.

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Japan has such fierce weather. I hope we won't see anymore casualties from the bad weather. May the victims rest in peace.

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Stay inside, people!

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Dying in the car...terrible. Good on the dad for doing the ultimate sacrifice.

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This was the 2nd worst blizzard I have ever experienced up here. My whole house was shaking from the wind. There was no way I would have gone out in that weather. My deepest condolences to the victims' family.

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Sad news. Please stay home during snowstorms everyone. It is not worth the risk trying to get somewhere. The world will not miss you for one day.

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Awful news - and now the death toll sits at 9. I've been in white-outs myself in Yamagata - they are terrifying.

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