Small eruption on Mount Aso after earthquake


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Not seeing any mention of the M5 quake that hit Oita this morning. It's 100kms across the water from where I am in Yamaguchi. Quake warnings going off all morning. This is bad and the volcano situation is only going to make an already bad situation, worse.

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KnowBetter Apr. 16, 2016 - 04:41AM JST

A M5.3 about 8kms to the west and a M5.5 about 5kms to the east of Aso hit just after 3am within 50 minutes of each other. Having family in Kumamoto is making me more concerned than normal about this as Aso is an active volcano and I've been on that beast and have been chased off when it 'burped'. Hopefully this is not a waking giant getting ready to let rip. Be safe and keep your wits about you, people of Kumamoto and surrounding areas.

After posting the above at 4:41AM, I thought to myself, I hope it doesn't get worse and yet now you can clearly see a pattern of the quakes spreading from the main two quakes along a mainly eastward line to the north-east and a few to the south-west. Let's just hope that this is pretty much the end of Mother Nature's show of force and that has released all the pent up energy in those fault lines. The last thing anyone needs is Mt Aso coming to blows with the region. That whole area is one massive ring of volcanoes that no one needs springing to life and since this area was not known for these big quakes, it makes me wonder if this just might be the beginning of a new cycle for these volcanoes and this massive caldera. Afterall, these quakes just might be enough to 'rip open' the crust for the 'hot filling' to come out. It is after all under pressure just below the surface.

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I was in Nagoya last night and I was blasted out of bed by Local earthquake alarm at around 1.00 am in the morning but no movement occurred but I found it very hard to sleep are that. I hope those who are effect are help out. There was heap of money being donated at Nagoya dome last night during the ballgame.Everyone was head over to the donation box after buying a feed to give there change and I must mention that heaps were donating notes as well. Good on those who people. every bits helps

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