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Small fire extinguished at stricken Fukushima nuclear plant


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Sounds suspicious to me.

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I've become desensitized.

Worrisome things keep happening. When it is not something new every day, it seems more strange.

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it is so sad that reading about a fire at a nuclear reactor does not even bother me anymore.

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Anytime anything happens there--even really bad stuff--they announce it like it was nothing more than a sparrow's fart. Anybody who needs to relax or reduce stress levels should consider abandoning medication in favor of reading TEPCO official press releases about developments at this level 7 nuclear accident. Nothing could be more tranquilizing.

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Its interesting to me.. 7 min ? Gimme a break. Im no alarmist and have been very conscious not to listen to scuttlebutt, but i believe there was an " Order / Law " passed early this week giving the government the right veto the media's reporting about Fukushima. I originally thought Bahhh. But then I asked...... Why didn't a single media agency cover the Nuclear protest on Saturday. 30,000 people attended ? In this instance. No news isn't Good news

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How is possible to have a "casual" fire on a nuclear plant?

Things seem to be far from being under control..

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"Anytime anything happens there--even really bad stuff--they announce it like it was nothing more than a sparrow's fart."

On the contrary. We all know that the buildings are messed up. So what? Oh, and the IAEA ranking has been put up to 7.

Are you frightened? Are you scared? Why? What has changed? Nothing. Except we are another day along in the cooling process of all of those rods. Another day closer to stable containment. Things get better every day and more and more tools and plans are brought to bear.

Spread your fear people. Just keep panicking. When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

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