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Small portion of U.S. air base in Okinawa returned


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Japan and the United States have agreed to return all the land used for the Futenma base, though prospects are uncertain as the prefectural government is firmly opposed to the plan to relocate the base elsewhere in Okinawa.

Stop...the prospects are uncertain? Yeah right. It's decided. The gov is against it, because he has nothing else to talk about!

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The returned land will be concreted over in no time.

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Yubaru, you are obviously an avid supporter of US bases, but do you mind telling us why? For example, are you American, ex-military, have a business that relies on the military presence, someone who is convinced that Japan will be invaded soon, or just a plane spotter, or something else? I'm just curious (and I imagine other are as well) since you are really passionate about this topic.

Personally, I don't think anyone in their right mind should ever want a foreign military base on their land unless the country is at war or an invaision is imminent. It's just a matter of sovereignty. That's not to say all cooperation with America should end, but control of the bases should be transferred and superfluous troops moved out of the country. Yes, the bases bring plenty of jobs and economic activity, but they also prevent the island from reaching its full potential as a tourist destination.

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Don't know why even this small part was handed back. NONE of the land the US legally occupies should be given back, but if it keeps the locals happy for a while I suppose it's ok

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 4-hectare strip of the 481-hectare.

Wow, pathetic

Another election coming ? New ambassador visiting soon Okinawa ? The "reducing the burden" slogan doesnt stick so well anymore ? ( because the burden is only increasing : see added flights, Kadena )

PS : start by returning the golfcourses.

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The colonizer Amerikano should first remove toxic substances such as agent orange they buried and decontaminate the soil thoroughly.

Confiscating lands with whatever legal documents to effect the virtual colonization of Okinawa is never legal when the owners demand the return of those lands asap.

This using of legal jargon to perpetuate the colonization of the Ryukyus makes Okinawa the Crimea of Asia.

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I wonder what they'll develop the land into? Ginowan is jamp packed with run down old buildings. Would be nice to see something new develop.

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@Yubaru: Is this the land US promised after Navy men gang raped 6 years old girl or different case?

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All US bases -- get OUT of Okinawa!

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The United States on Monday returned to Japan a small portion of land within the Futenma air base, a move the Japanese government has touted as a reduction in the disproportionate burden Okinawa carries in hosting the U.S. military.

What, FOUR HECTARES! That's a reduction in the disproportionate burden?

And at the same time they're building a new base in Henoko?

I don't get why they are here in the first place. They have plenty of land of their own.

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Once again; the Arm Chair Generals Speak.

I bet my father-in-law is in no hurry to get HIS land back, that means NO MORE RENT being paid by either government. Think about THAT. You think they get FREE USE of this land ?

Think again.

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Really, Okinawa is stuck between invading forces: Washington and Tokyo.

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Okinawa is stuck between Tokyo, the US and Beijing.

BTW, compared to how much of Okinawa the US has returned so far, how much has Russia returned of the northern islands?

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You think they get FREE USE of this land ?

Considering what they would get for the land if rented out on normal channels, it's almost free. Imagine if Kadena was a city, with shopping centres, residential areas, factories, warehouses etc., etc. Imagine what the income would be then!

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I bet my father-in-law is in no hurry to get HIS land back, that means NO MORE RENT being paid by either government. Think about THAT. You think they get FREE USE of this land ?

Im not sure if you your father-in-law is really up to date with the value of land. The gov. pays a lumpsum compared with what its worth now. Just take a look at the value and deals Rycom Aeon Mall land, and the one that San-A bought for its Mega Mall in Urasoe, the Hospital land in Ginowan.... etc.

the US bases are sitting on premium land, worth by far more then the US/JPN Gov. wants to pay or is avoiding to pay. ( and most has been taken by guns & bulldozers - for free - anyway )

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Close all American bases the sooner the better you people have gotten enough from us. Defend yourselves if you will, which is becoming increasingly doubtful.

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