Snow falls in Asahikawa as chill hits Hokkaido


Temperatures dropped in Hokkaido on Friday morning with Asahikawa experiencing light snowfall, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The agency said the mercury fell to levels normally experienced in mid-October, NTV reported. A cold air mass brought below-zero temperatures to 17 locations, including Takinouecho, Horokanai and Kimobetsucho. In Sapporo, the morning low was 6.6 degrees, the agency said.

Asahikawa reported its first snowfall of the season, 11 days earlier than average.

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Typhoon and snow in the same month?

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Amazing... we are further north than Hokkaido, yet it's colder there? I hope everyone there is wrapped up warm because Spring is a looooong way away.

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Can't believe it was 26 degrees in S. Hokkaido last week.

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what is the latitude at Hokkaido

N. lattitude is low to upper 40's, but we get our weather from Siberia, with the air making only a short trip over the Japan Sea. The weather in Western Canada is moderated by a whole Pacific's worth of ocean.

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I lost my earlier answer Nessie but thanks for the info, The Pacific is like a big clothes dryer spinning around and picking up heat from the tropics and delivering it along the West Coast of Canada, Alaska and the rest of the US coast,it is incredible to watch and follow. 40 degree Lat seems really low for an early winter but as you said those darn Siberians ( just like the USA always blaming cold weather on the Canadians LOL). Thanks,

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Snow already? I'm majorly jealous, and this is just another reason why I want to move to Japan. Snow is my favourite weather, but I won't see any until January at the earliest most likely.

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