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Sapporo snow festival gets under way


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Every year I have being saying that I'm going to go up and enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival and every year something comes up out of the blue that prevents me from going. Just cancelled my hotel room again. I swear that next year I will just quit my job if this happens again.

It's one thing to see video and pictures of it but I am told that it is another thing to be there and take it all in first hand. Next year I will be there!!!

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Cant find a cheap hotel. Wanna go

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AirB&B seems popular, judging from the unusual concentration of continental Asian visitors in non-hotel districts of Sapporo. The streetcar is chock-a-block with visitors heading just beyond the downtown area.

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Could only imagine it, when I walk along the Odori promenade in October, but I'll be there next year. Booking my hotel next month, and 'll be only three blocks away for at least three nights. Can't decide, yet, whether I'll go skiing after that, or fly south to Okinawa to get unchilled.

By the way, why is the woman in the photo carrying what looks like a short baseball bat? It can't be that dangerous... :-)

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If you go visit Asahikawa's ice festival as well. They have the most amazing ice sculptures down the main street from the station, and also some of the larger snow ones like Sapporo's at Tokiwakoen near the riverside. Sounkyo's Hot Springs Ice Festival is worth a visit too if you have some time up there. Cabins can be rented out of downtown Asahikawa, and they have private onsen very nearby.

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Thank you, @Wrembreck. Hadn't thought of that, and it's so easy to make the trip by train. My last visit to Hokkaido, in October, lasted only eight days, but I think my next visit, if I really want to enjoy winter (and what Canadian doesn't?), I'll stay longer. Didn't know about Asahikawa's festival,, nor Sounkyo's. Obviously, more research is necessary. Can't wait to come back. Kindest regards.

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@TrevorPeace You're most welcome, I used to live there so I know the place well. The cottages are out at Hanakagura, which is not far from the local airport. The onsen I mentioned is at Hanakagura hotel (right next to the cottages).

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Wish they wouldn't hold it smack in the middle of ski season. I once wanted to go skiing in Niseko but all the flights from Tokyo were booked out. Was told it was due to this festival.

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Been there once nearly 10 years ago. My wife and I went to visit our good friend Debito in Sapporo and we really loved the festival. LOVED the Hokkaido ramen and their seafood is the best!

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