Snowstorms delay 299 train services in Hokkaido


Blizzard-like conditions suspended 299 train services in Hokkaido on Thursday, JR officials said Friday.

Hokkaido and the Sea of Japan coast are experiencing heavy snowfall and strong winds due to a growing low atmospheric pressure system that moved from Hokuriku toward the north of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Snowstorms affected travel conditions throughout Hokkaido and in some areas, reduced drivers' visibility to a few meters, making traffic signals difficult to see.

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I am starting to prefer snowstorms because it means that the temperature is usually higher. Meanwhile, another cold morning here with (should I say thank God?) only minus 23C.

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I wanna see Sapporo in snow sometime

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We need a moisture here for farmers and ski industry. 2012 was the driest hot summer in history since 1934. Many wells are drying up and the water is getting a precious commodity. We never had to worry water supply until last year.

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Snow ... that's why I prefer touring Hokkaido in the summertime ...

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Foxie! Escape from that cold while you can! Or at least find a nice ONSEN and have fun there.

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Glad they are getting snow for the water. It is cold and snowy where i am also. So I sympathize. I am glad they are being careful with the train services.

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lwsydneyJan. 04, 2013 - 02:22PM JST

I wanna see Sapporo in snow sometime

Come here and you'll see it all the time. And probably get tired of it by christmas.

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