Snowstorms, strong winds hit many parts of Japan


Strong gusts and heavy snowstorms hit many parts of Japan for the New Year with the Japan Meteorological Agency predicting that unstable weather conditions would continue until Saturday.

A low pressure system brought snow clouds over the Japan Sea coast on Wednesday. For Thursday, the agency forecast up to 80 cms of snow for the Hokuriku area, 70 cms for the Kinki region, 60 cms for Chugoku, 50 cms for the Tokai and Tohoku regions, 30 cms for Shikoku and 10-20 cms for parts of Yamaguchi Prefecture and northern Kyushu.

Meanwhile, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency again urged people to exercise caution while removing snow. Two more deaths caused by snow falling off roofs onto people below were reported on Wednesday, bringing the total number of snow-related deaths in November and December to 26, NHK reported.

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Most of the Sea of Japan coastline of Japan can get quite a lot of snow in winter (as described in this article), caused weather systems blowing in from Siberia. Interestingly, the city of Niigata itself doesn't get that much snow, mostly due to the geographical shadowing effect of Sado Island, which reduces the effects of snowstorms on Niigata city.

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Niigata city may not get much snoe but Minami Uonuma city, 100k away is experiencing a heavy snow fall year. Most in many years for December.

Wish us luck!

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Man, it's always like a typhoon here even when there's not a typhoon! i nearly got thrown from my bicycle just a little while ago with the gusts.

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Some dusting of snow in Sagamihara Kanagawa, as well.

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Snowboarding in Nozawa area in Nagano today. It's snowing so much that I can barely see 15 meters in front of me.

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