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Social media companies to ban suicide solicitation on SNS


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Glad to hear they are cooperating to help protect people, but it's sad that it took people having to die before they came to this conclusion!

Hopefully someone's life will be saved instead, and the people who died will not have died in vain!

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If people want to off themselves it is not a websites fault. Just like shooting someone is not the guns fault. Blame the source not the vehicle

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If people want to off themselves it is not a websites fault. Just like shooting someone is not the guns fault. Blame the source not the vehicle

Right, so these businesses have no responsibility whatsoever? It's always someone else's fault!

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No, while it's a understandable step, this does not solve the actual problem. People who want to commit suicide will find a way. There needs to be done more about improving mental health condition.

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There are many kinds of illegal solicitation, and I agree that self appointed random people should not be putting up websites assisting people with suicide.

That being said, I think the future will be that people choose when and how to live and die with dignity and the way of their choosing.

You should perhaps even have places where one can go and willingly end their life if they choose to.

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This is why i dont really agree with unfettered free speech. No doubt there will be people screaming about their infringement of rights about this. Sure we should have freedom of speech, but there are limits, and soliciting people for suicide must be one of them.

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Free speech must be absolute. If businesses or private organizations what to ban their users from certain types of speech, that is another matter.

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TIL mixi still exists.

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It wouldn't have made any difference in the Zama case if that guy's posts or the victims had been deleted right away. He could have been asking for a cup of coffee on the sns and commit the awful acts he did all the same.

Banning these posts will definitely prevent trolls on the web encouraging people to commit whatever they're posting about but will also block those trying to help. Leaving the original poster all alone with those thoughts. It will not prevent another Zama from taking place because this very disturbed individual is a one in a million.

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I seriously wish my roommate had asked for help on an sns back then. Maybe, just maybe, we would have been able to at least try to help and talk him out.

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Free speech must be absolute. 

Really? Even when vulnerable people are bullied online to the point that they commit suicide? You are willing to defend their right to push someone over the edge?

Oversight is most definitely needed.

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