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Softbank donates $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts


Softbank Group will donate $500,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to support ongoing relief efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Within the amount of $500,000, $400,000 will be donated by Softbank and $100,000 will be donated by its U.S subsidiary, Softbank Holdings Inc. In addition, Softbank will also be making donations from its employees.

“Our thoughts are with the millions of people in the Northeastern United States who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy,” said Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. “With homes destroyed and families displaced, we hope that our donation can lend some needed assistance to those in the U.S. as they rebuild and recover.”

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The Red Cross?

They collected millions if not billions for the 2004 tsunami, Katrina, Haiti, the 2011 tsunami and now Sandy and what have they done?

They can't even get blankets and jerry cans of gasoline to people in need?

The Red Cross is incredibly well organized and efficient when it comes to collecting donations.

But handing out food and heating oil, that takes weeks if not months.

The following is a statement from a Staten Island politician regarding the Red Cross' response to Sandy;

"Do not donate to the Red Cross," said Borough President James Molinaro, who termed the agency's response at that stage "an absolute disgrace."

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Thank you, Softbank!!

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too little but thanks SoftBank and hope this will inspire NTT and au as well.

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too little. Sjeesh half a million dollar is not a little. What about other US based companies eh? DIdnt hear anyone donating half a million yet.

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Have you donated anything? Charity is charity, not a show of who can outdo one another.

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My major US-based employer just sent out a notice about the state of our East Coast offices and colleagues and said, they, "take a long term view on disaster response (ie: not donating one red cent)." Cheap bastards.

Well done, Softbank.

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Anyone looking to donate, I can personally recommend All Hands Volunteers (www.hands.org). They did great work on a very limited budget, in Tohoku. They are a youngish, agile, and bare bones org. which started after the Boxing Day Tsunami, in a very similar spirit and methodolgy as Jaimie El Banna's "It's Not Just Mud", which was featured here recently.

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Thank You Softbank.

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I donated 1/1,000,000 of this amount, which was all I could afford. Thank you Mr. Son!

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It's a great gesture, the amount dose not matter, when, how, where it goes and how it is used will be the challenge. Well done

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