Solar Impulse 2 over Sea of Japan


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The plane's wings are covered in solar panels, just like vehicles in solar car races.

I wonder when they will get around to putting solar panels on hybrid and electric cars - these days it seems like a no-brainer.

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Inshikoku. I was wondering. Why I drive a 1500kg vehicule to move me. Im 79kg. We dont need solar cars. We need bycicles

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yeah though the same thing theres plenty of space on the trunk, roof, hood, on cars to put solar panels

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In order to prove they can do this solely on solar power, there seems to be no facility for him to pedal, which would surely get him exercise and also generate possibly vital emergency extra power for the batteries. Nuts?

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That plane is bigger than a 747

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Due to bad weather the Impulse-2 was forced to land in Nagoya last night. Team rushing from China because the plane when on the ground needs to be covered by inflatable tent to protect it.

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