Some cities in Chiba Pref to remain without power for two more weeks


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The incompetence at TEPCO continues.

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Fine tepco everyday the power is out.

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I bet these homes will get their monthly TEPCO bill and still have to pay the basic service price.

3 ( +7 / -4 ) much for Disaster Day events. Power and water were the biggest lessons from 3/11 and still no way to tackle this problem. Good on you abe! No mobile generators for at least the "evacuation centers?" This country is setting itself up for one big, major catastrophe.

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We're on Chubu power but all the work on power poles is outsourced to another large company. It's not done by Chubu themselves.

In an earthquake, fire brigades from other areas usually turn up pretty quick. I don't know if its happening here, but none-Chiba companies could be called in for basic clearing work and assisting the local company.

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While I am no fan of TEPCO, you must admit Abe and the gov't has really dropped the ball on this one. While this disaster was going on he was playing government in nearby Tokyo, reshuffling his cabinet, trying himself to look good. He has never visited the place even though it is quite close to Tokyo. Why are the self defense forces not out cutting trees, bringing water and generators to places. Where is the full weight of all levels of government, national, prefectural and local.

It is very easy to blame TEPCO, but there is a whole mess of blame to go around for this, and I hope the voters of Chiba don't forget.

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There is something called, an electric generator. They have very big ones mounted on trucks that can power a city block. Perhaps TEPCO and the J-Gov haven’t heard about them. (roll eyes)

These people should be supplied with generators by TEPCO during the black out. Even if it is just for a few hours a day. TEPCO should also be responsible for every ten these people pay for batteries, ice, candles, etc. They should also be made to compensate people for hardship.

The J-Gov should have the JSDF down there in huge numbers helping TEPCO and the people to restore their power. But, no! Abe and his cronies just make hollow statements like, “We should make a concentrated effort to restore utilities.” Making people wait for at least two weeks is not a concentrated effort. It’s a bloody joke! Get the army down there with generators. They don’t do anything else.

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It really makes you wonder why services such as power lines aren't buried as with many other countries.

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It's time for Japan to be a bit more flexible with the rules. Why can't utility companies from neighboring prefectures be driven in to help? In the states hundreds of utility trucks from other states are already in place before a hurricane strikes.

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Well atleast it's cooled down. This would have been unbearable in the summer heat.

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I live in north Chiba a bit south of the Tonegawa, while I am NOT REPEAT NOT a fan of tepco at all, some of you are not really grasping the situation in Chiba.

The damage covers most of the prefecture, there are crews here from eve Kyushu helping with the repairs etc the  people themselves also doing at LOT!

There are only so many people who can do line work.

I personally have seen the trees, houses, signs, shed etc etc etc etc all over the place, this strong a typhoon is unprecedented in the Chiba area!

The area where this has gone horribly wrong others have CORRECTLY pointed out is the GOVT HAS NOT called in the SDF to help with debris clean up, water, food supplies, generators etc THIS is where the massive screw up lies!

In my opinion......

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""We believe it will take a very long time to repair and it will take about two weeks at most,"

We know by now that when TEPCO sets a deadline (unless it's for COLLECTING money), you need to quadruple the time they set until the deadline. Two weeks? At the end of October they'll be saying, "Who could have known? It'll be soon."

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I know SDF personnel from Aomori have gone down to set up those great bathing facilities they do in times of disaster. I haven’t had time to research but it’s likely SDF from other prefectures have also gone to help in various ways.

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zichi: Exactly! Or at the very least, a national grid, but the companies Simply won't entertain the idea of working together.

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What a shame.  If Tokyo had been hit harder instead of Chiba, the government would have brought in every possibly resource to have power restored within a few days.

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