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Some restrictions may remain after Japan lifts state of emergency: Kato


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"The important thing is how to curb the spread of the virus effectively,"

Vaccination seems like a good place to start.

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Do they actually have a plan?

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Restrictions or no restrictions, there is literally NO DIFFERENCE HERE!

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Is ‘requesting‘ a ‘restriction’ ?

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Notice the subtle hint that they have already decided that 20 Jun the present so called emergency will be lifted for sure - expect more suppression/control of testing/data reports etc - even if cases are higher expect at a max a "manbo" but emergency is not an option they are considering...

It is magic indeed that they already know the result at end of 20 Jun state of affairs as far as pandemic situation is concerned

All to toe the line for IOC lords since they need to announce a final decision on this wretched Olympics by end of Jun....

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Being fully vaccinated, I do not care about these restriction so much. But I will watch Netflix instead of going to a movie theater.

There will be no restriction on ineptness at the top levels of government here though..

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All to toe the line for IOC lords since they need to announce a final decision on this wretched Olympics by end of Jun....

I agree: The IOC will tell Suga when to lift the State of Emergency and he will obey his masters at the expense of the Japanese Citizens.

I try to avoid verbal attacks on politicians but it is no longer possible to refrain from this.

Suga is a worthless coward who does not have the guts to stand up for the majority of Japanese citizens (80 percent who want the games postponed or cancelled) or the majority of Japanese businesses, (70 percent who want the games postponed or cancelled).

Instead he is supporting the interest of the IOC and a foreign business (NBC).

As Koch so bravely said from outside of Japan, Japanese citizens and residents must sacrafice. I wonder what their threshold is for acceptable collateral damage?

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What are they even doing?

Restrictions this and rules that and quasi measures and urging and planning. All we are hearing is blah blah and a bunch of noise. None of that is making a difference at all.

Just do one thing!

Get the vax in people’s arms! Why is that so hard to do?

That should be the plan, the only plan at this point.

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On Saturday night, it was clear that Osaka was effectively in "post-SOE" mode. Many bars and restaurants were open well after 10pm and the voices of drunken revelry could be heard all around the busy streets. So, a significant group of people simply don't care what the government says.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government claims to have secured enough vaccines to complete the job of vaccinating the entire population. They even have enough to send the leftovers to Taiwan.

At the same time, Japan doubles down and insists on going ahead with the Olympics.

It would seem to be priority number one to get these vaccines getting into peoples' bodies.

Am I wrong??

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HoldingYouAccountableToday  07:28 am JST

Restrictions or no restrictions, there is literally NO DIFFERENCE HERE!

To be completely fair, if you owned a bar or restaurant in Tokyo you wouldn't claim there was LITERALLY no difference here. A working economy is essential to many business owners. The SOE will harm many people that are not harmed by Corona.

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For normal Taro & Keiko Tokyo residents these restrictions will continue all the way till start date of Olympics - even for PR and long term residents are banned from entry to Japan from countries like India but - see the recent news on Asahi (link below) - where Olympic athletes were given exemption - total of 1649 foreigners from 80 countries have entered Japan since April 2021 out of which 1432 were given this quarantine waiver - Out of this 1432 there are 24 from India - even these Indians were given special treatment and reduced self quarantine


These are the news articles which need to be more widely circulated, highlighted and only one question asked to the authorities - WHY?????

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Meanwhile, the Japan basketball championship finals on LIVE public TV right now is jam packed!

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Please remove all restrictions.

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i’m tired drinking outside the combini. Its good for people watching but rather drink in the bar.

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This is just communicating that they have no idea what they're doing

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