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Some residents of Fukushima village can finally return home in June


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Hmmm very concerning still, but if the poor buggers have no where else to go then not much choice.

Keep a Geiger counter handy!

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And now that they have been given the green light, any assistance they have been receiving will stop. THAT is the primary goal of the government here, make no mistake. It now becomes their choice to stay away, which makes them ineligible for said assistance.

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Not a big deal, couple of 100 or so aged people will move back. For the memories. Then realise no shops, no hospitals, no friends and they are stuck again. Pretty sad situation.

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Aren't these the people that were selected to return home to Fukushima as part of a test survey ?

I sincerely doubt its safe for living there yet.

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Hard to imagine what the people must be feeling right now, do they trust the decontamination work? are they just willing to live in a high risk zone? do they expect to go back to a normal life?

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