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Some sleep in cars after 2 nights of quakes kill 41 in Kyushu


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There are still many people unaccounted for. According to some media outlets, more than 1000 are still trapped inside one village alone due to landslides. Up to 100,000 or more have been displaced.. this is huge. I suspect a lot of injured people might have had rhabdomyolysis, a common condition that affects people after earthquakes due to muscle breakdown from multi-trauma. This condition is common in the Himalayas, New Zealand, Indonesia and other earthquake zones. The result is permanent kidney damage, which could result in early renal disease and kidney failure.

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I imagine a van with fold-down seats would be ideal, given the situation.

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We got hit with at least a 6kyo two years ago and were evacuated for a week. We were lucky enough to stay with friends and so didn't have to go to the shelter, which would have been hard work with our young family.

Just have to hope the aftershocks in Kyushu stop soon so that the people there can start to relax and the relief and recovery efforts can proceed. Aftershocks are always a concern, but this earthquake has gone way beyond what is normally expected, especially in the size of the aftershocks. Normally they remind you of the main event, not rival or surpass it in damage. It must be torture.

I didn't buy it for that reason, but we have a hybrid Alphard van and you can get about 1200W of electricity off them. It's great for camping, and also very useful when you lose power in a disaster. That's enough to boil water, run a microwave or lighting, and run your vacuum cleaner. After a big one, your house will be full of broken glass.

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I hope tonight will be the last night my mother in law will be sleeping in her car.

There no practical way for my wife to get back home to help. It's very frustrating.

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