Object ruled out as sunken Hokkaido boat after diver checks


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Yes the operator needs to be held accountable !

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So very sad...

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Appreciate the update but “sunken vessels” could just be referring to scuttled, unmanned derelicts, similar to those periodically washing up from North Korea.

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"I thought we could still go ahead" with the trip, said the president of operator Shiretoko Yuransen, when asked by relatives of the passengers.

Well he’s pretty much toasted himself with that comment!!! The relatives are quite rightly looking for justice!

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"I thought we could still go ahead" with the trip, said the president of operator Shiretoko Yuransen, when asked by relatives of the passengers.

In other words the operator thought wrong he was basically looking at "PROFIT over LIVES". He just wanted to make money period at any cost and now he has to pay. I guess he didn't think about that!

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It would be good if Russia would assist in searching for the bodies and if found within their waters, aiding their return.

They may well be. We don't know.

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You do know which side of hokkaido they are talking about ?

North Korean shipwrecks i highly doubt that.

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If Japan's Coast Guard required passenger vessels (e.g. tour boats) to carry class A AIS Radios and EPIRBs on the main vessel and each life boat they would have already found this wreck. They may have been able to save lives too. Oh wait, they weren't equipped with lifeboats, cold weather survival suits either. Japan Coast Guard: Get with the times!

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The boat captain was advised by fishermen returning to port because of rough seas that it was too dangerous to go out. Did the owner of the boat order the captain to proceed anyway? Greed conquers all.

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The Japan Coast Guard said sonar had detected objects that appeared to be vessels in various locations, if it is the boat in question, i hope the coast gaurd or some one establishes why it sank, also were the life boats deployed? I would like to know why a captin would go to sea when hes been advised by the cost guard not to, and why he chose to ignoring the warnings, this is fool hardy or dam right negligent.

Its a shame that all of these people lost there lives in such tragic circumstances.

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The “captain” had a license for sailing small boats….on lakes. I hope the families take the company to the cleaners.

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Several news sources report that the Russian side have said they would be willing to help.

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The contents of several communications that took place between the boat and people ashore are being revealed. One guy for example phoned his wife to say the boat was sinking, and to thank her for everything.

Just too sad.

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Absolutely terrible !

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