Soudelor targets Japan, China as most powerful storm of 2015


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The TV weather forecast seems to think this is headed for Taiwan and China, and not Japan. Perhaps the southern islands of Okinawa might catch the edge of it?

This hot weather we are getting is said to be caused by convection, the typhoon down south sucking up all the warm ocean air and then pressuring it down on top of us.

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It was expected to be down to category four or three by the time it hit southern Japan

Seems it will barely scrape the southernmost territorial waters of Japan, but none of the main islands.

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We've gotten lucky so far. Some French students of mine expressed regret that they hadn't yet experienced a strong typhoon, and I responded as a property owner would: let's not go there.

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Last year the first typhoon to hit mainland Japan was around Uminohi, same as this year -- I remember because the strong wind and other warnings hit on the holiday. The next to hit was exactly at the beginning of Obon. Seems there is a pattern, if this one turns towards us, which it still may. Here's hoping it does not, of course. This one has grown extremely strong.

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It looks like Ishigaki and Miyako could get hit, and while this storm has gusts nearing 100 m/ps, which is strong enough to blow over steel reinforced concrete telephone poles, the folks in Miyako and Ishigaki, like Okinawa mainland, are well prepared for storms of this intensity.

Just hope that no idiots decide to go outside in it!

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Do not need a major storm ... but we do need some liquid from the clouds. This heat is extremely oppressive!

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kitzrow: "Do not need a major storm ... but we do need some liquid from the clouds. This heat is extremely oppressive!"

Unfortunately any rain that we got in this major hot air system wouldn't do anything to cool things down, save surfaces that have absorbed heat from direct sunlight. The air would just become more humid. We need a storm that pushes away the entire system as well as a downpour. Farmers, however, need this time for the rice fields to dry up so that the roots of the rice plants take hold and extend into the ground, especially since pretty much every day last week there was a freak downpour in many areas. Anyway, you're right in that we definitely do NOT need a storm like this one hitting directly -- there are still a number of places being cleaned up from typhoon 11, and like I said, with Obon just around the corner...

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'Soudelor targets Japan....' sounds like a bit of an exaggeration.

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Global warming? What global warming?

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Soudelor targets Japan....' sounds like a bit of an exaggeration.

Common occurrence from JT , get used to it.

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