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S Korean experts say officials carefully answered questions on plan to release radioactive water


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Just matter of time Korean official will meet demonstration from it citizen when it to lenience to foreign interest, that''s happened in the past.

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Better than haphazardly answering questions.

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The visit should have been done before, as soon as safely possible, but I can understand bad relationship between countries can get in the way. This is the minimum that should be done to address the concerns from the release.

Now the interesting part will be the report that will be released, there is no excuse now about hidden information or misrepresentation of the situation, so if the SK delegation have any remaining concerns they have to be well supported by the results of their analysis.

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Some scientists say the impact of long-term, low-dose exposures to radionuclides is unknown and the release should be delayed.

Again, this line in the reporting.

Who are these scientists who say this?

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OK, so they said "...... the water stored in the tanks needs to be removed to prevent accidental leaks in case of another disaster...", then why is it OK to be released into the water, if the leaks are deemed dangerous (radioactive, etc.)? Anyway, I am not going to eat any seashells from that area. Better safe than sorry!

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K: What’s plan?

J: Dump it in the ocean; here are your fat envelopes.

K: Cerfully answered! Let’s go eat!

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I'm sure you can go "expert shopping" and find a bunch of scientists that say that. I don't know why they would, but as we learned in the last few years there are contrarian "experts" for anything.

Agree. And maybe far too many people who got C’s and D’s in high school science classes listening to them?

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