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Spain to let travelers from UK, Japan in without a PCR test from May 24


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There are over 50 million people in the UK with at least one shot already-the UK has long passed herd immunity

And this herd immunity is like a traffic light that you sail through, and it's all plain sailing off into the sunset then? Yeah, right. Strange how no medical experts, no press outlets, not even some government numpty in the UK seems to share your confidence.

In fact they're getting the serious wobbles about the wisdom of opening up too fast. Perhaps you'd better drop them a line that everything's just peachy.

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There are over 50 million people in the UK with at least one shot already-the UK has long passed herd immunity Zichi

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To allow Japanese into Spain without any testing would be foolish though...

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There is little danger to Spain as the UK has passed herd immunity by now.

For the younger UK residents carrying an infection from Spain might be a possibility

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Oh Spain... Japan is probably one of the last countries you should allow in without a PCR test. I mean, we're talking about a country that can't hardly get its vaccine program off the ground what with online appointment systems crashing and phone lines always being busy etc. Less than, what, 4% of the Japanese population has been vaccinated so far? Yeah, you might want to reconsider this offer, Spain...

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So how many Japanese will have holidays long enough to visit Spain and then quarantine for another TWO weeks on return to Japan. Not many that's for sure.

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For Germany, UK is because of the spreading of the Indian virus mutante from Sunday on a VOC area. Entry from UK will be restricted.

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Talk about bad life choices......good luck Spain.

Hopefully you don’t get the chin warming “men” and stubborn ossan’s on those flights.

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Precisely! I can't help but think money was involved here.

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So the UK has about 2000 cases a day, 7 deaths, a day and falling,

Japan has over 5000 cases (official count), over 100 deaths a day, and not falling.

Yes, that sounds like a totally rational decision, Spain!

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April 5, 2021

11:53 PM JST

The true extent of the mutant cases is unknown, as only a small fraction of positive COVID-19 cases undergo the genomic study necessary to find the variants.

A health ministry report last week showed 678 cases of variants from Britain, South Africa, and Brazil had been discovered nationwide and at airports, with the biggest clusters in Osaka and nearby Hyogo prefecture

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As everyone has said above, would could possibly go wrong. I can understand Spain (to a certain extent) allowing Brits, Ozzies, etc into their country with minimal checks because those countries have either vaccinated a lot of their people or they have the pandemic under control. But it's absolutely crazy to invite people from Japan where hardly anyone is vaccinated and the pandemic is still a big problem (and massively underestimated). There is also this Japanese variant (shusshhhh). Yeah, what could possibly go wrong, indeed!

Anyway, can't wait for Japan to reciprocate. Oh wait.....

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Can we get our vaccine in Spain? Certainly wouldn't mind a trip to the Canaries and returning vaccinated would be wonderful.

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Why? (Scratching head here....)

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Spain, which was wiped on the ground with this disease, is just letting coronians go in and out without knowing. Got a winner for a govt. there, Spaniards.

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Seems they seriously need tourists. UK citizens probably have little to worry about now but Japanese citizens aren't vaccinated yet so I doubt many will come

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This seems a decision not based on rational thinking or available evidence, Spain is willing to take this big risk so I really hope it turns out well, even if it doesn't seem like it.

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Japan has a massive network backed by financial resources to lobby officials globally and portray a certain image about them. Only the people that live or lived in Japan know the truth.

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Looks like Japan got Spain fooled with their inaccurate numbers.

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Holy Cow!! Does Spain know what is actually happening right now in Japan? I saw this on the news last night (in Japanese) and I though since Japanese is not my first language I probably misunderstood.

I guess not.

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Why does Japan always get a pass?

No one here is vaccinated. They're not even testing people unless it's dire.

Why on earth would you let people living in Japan to travel without a PCR test?? Ridiculous.

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What is Spain doing? Have they not heard the news that Japan is a COVID hell right now and a very slow vaccination pace?

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what could possibly go wrong? dear oh dear! (ー△ー;)

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