Spent MOX nuclear fuel removal starts at Fukui plant


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Buried in plutonium so they want to extract the uranium. Sounds reasonable.

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Kansai Electric said it will store the spent MOX fuel rods temporarily in a cooling pool at the plant, as Japan has no reprocessing facilities for them despite government and power companies' plans to reuse plutonium extracted by reprocessing the spent fuel.

Why have they not made plans and taken steps to permanently store and to recycle the MOX fuel? Japan keeps complaining about being 'resource poor' and relying on nuclear power, but they don't seem to take any action to deal with the spent fuel. Their current plan is to send it to another country and pay stupid amounts of money for its storage and recycling. This is totally contradictory to the ever-present "Nuclear power is cheap and safe" statements that keeps popping up as a defense of nuclear power. - I'm curious to know if their ' temporary' storage pools have waterproof back up electricity and generators.

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