Death toll rises to 2 after warehouse fire near Osaka


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Yet another building explodes while folks are emptying spray cans. Obviously, this is very dangerous but its not being treated as so.

You probably have to use a powerful ventilator.

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Simple solution, stop letting your kids do work they shouldn't be doing and stop smoking around flammable gasses.

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Yes, this happened in Sapporo last winter I remember. Time to learn some kind of lesson here.

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Again. Unacceptable. You can buy a 'piercer, ' a little gadget that pierces a small hole in the can to release the gas. I usually do this in the garden. Much safer than pressing the nozzle to release the gas

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Like Lamily I always pierce my cans outdoors. As this was a facility doing waste processing professionally you’d think they would have had proper safety procedures in place. Then again why was a 13-year-old there? Was he the company owner’s son helping out or what?

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And now the boy’s father has died.

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I earlier was wondering what safety procedures were in place at this professional waste treatment facility but now I’m wondering if it was a professional (company) place or not? Maybe it was a place where anyone can bring their recyclables or something similar??? The reason is they said on TV tonight that Mr Yamanishi was removing gas from 3000 or so cans that had been flooded in his shop (which apparently was elsewhere) by a typhoon (last year I think they said).

It seems his son and the other person injured have still not regained consciousness.

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Everyone killed or injured was from Yamanishi’s family or company. Other news outlets say they brought the cans three weeks ago and had been coming every Sat evening since then to work in removing the gas. So they were lucky for a couple of times.

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THAT’s why my apartment shook! Thought it was an earthquake.

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