State eyes appealing ruling expanding scope of A-bomb health care aid


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The japanese government has waged war against the A bomb survivors for decades.

Truly mind blowing.

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Flying here in 1987, I was surprised to see a magazine article: "Japan: No Yen for Altruism."

Unless it provides some opportunity for corporate welfare, it's absolutely true.

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What an absolute disgrace.....Abe is hhappg to wadte 400 million bucks on stulid useless masks nobody wants and then order another 80 million of them, pay bonuses to himself and all the other useless do nothing oyaji politicians ( including the disgraced Kawais ) after promising to cut their salaries to show covid19 ' solidarity ' with the average Taro, waste billions worth on half baked, unneeded weapons contracts, Olympic cronies dodgy fees, sakura parties etc etc .....but he doesnt wanna 84 Hiroshima survivors in their 70- 90s to have access to free periodic health checks ? Can this government get anymore disgusting.? And this is what J public keeps re-electing election after election?

No words...absolutely no words.

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This government is so stingy.

I don't mind my taxes funding more healthcare.

Rather than them being spent on MPs' over bloated salaries.

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