Sterilization victims to get ¥3.2 mil in state redress each


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Sterilization victims to get ¥3.2 mil in state redress each

Sterilization victims to EACH get ¥3.2 mil in state redress, right?

Small amount considering what they had to go through. Personally speaking it's rather easy for these lawmakers to make this compensation as it isn't their money that will be used to pay these victims!

When are the people here going to wake up and hold the LDP accountable for all this BS that they have incurred on the people over all these years?

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As remaining sterilization records only identify 3,000 victims, a panel will be set up in the summer under the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to certify those who do not possess documentation but can show evidence such as operative scars.

Oh real good here. Have to show "proof" to get compensated, in a country that supposedly prides itself on record keeping (sarcasm) the authorities are forcing the victims to "show it all"?

(Slap up-side the head) And then you will use ¥9,600,000,000 of taxpayers money?

Personally speaking the lawmakers who came up with this should have their bonuses and other allowances cut to cover this!

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Less then $30,000 US. Pathetic.

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I have some Japanese friends who didn't know about this and certainly had no idea it had been continued all the way up to the middle 1990s.

They were shocked, and ashamed.

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The former eugenics law, modeled on Nazi Germany's sterilization law, authorized surgery to sterilize people with learning difficulties, mental illnesses or genetic disorders to prevent the birth of "inferior" offspring during the postwar food shortage.

Had to read than twice... WTF

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Why the shock? Payouts in Japan are low even by 3rd world standards. Has this not already been thoroughly covered in the last 50 years?

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@Bruce Chatwin

Less then $30,000 US. Pathetic.

It's a huge amount in Japan, enough to buy 2 kei cars.

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