Store selling 4 lucky bags for Y2.014 mil that include trip to World Cup soccer


Major Japanese department stores, retailers and supermarkets record huge sales from "fukubukuro" (lucky bags) during the Jan 1-3 New Year holiday period. The bags, which can cost anywhere from 5,000 yen to 20,000 yen and even millions of yen in some cases, usually contain contents that are double the value the bag is sold for.

This year, Sogo-Seibu department store in Otemachi, Tokyo, has surpassed itself. For the first three days of the year, it accepted applications for four lucky bags that contain a one-week visit to Brazil during the soccer World Cup. The asking price is 2.014 million yen, Sports Nippon reported.

Store officials said they received 30 applications. Included in the "Experience your dream's lucky-bag," are a business class flight ticket from Japan to Brazil, hotel accommodation, box-seat tickets to Japan's first two games, complete with food and beverages.

The winners will be notified next week, store officials said.

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"a one-week visit to Brazil during the soccer World Cup. The asking price is 2.014 million yen"

Something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

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Aren't the contents meant to be a surprise?

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Man, I could probably do a one week trip to Brazil and World Cup tickets for face value(if I would have applied) between 250,000-400,000yen.

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Sounds like a rip off.. but of course you have people that think this is a great idea (well 30 so far).

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note the "included" there are other items included which will probably be just as exclusive.

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SenseNotSoCommon: "Aren't the contents meant to be a surprise?"

Actually, a lot of shops and hotels or what have you that sell 'lucky bags' or 'lucky packages' these days detail completely what's inside the bag/package your buying. Most department stores that need to fob off what they couldn't sell during a certain fad/season won't, but for packages with this much of a yen value they'll tell you what's more or less inside.

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If you have to pay for it, then it ain't a "lucky bag," it's just a bag!

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