Stray cat a suspect in 'attempted murder'

By Johannes EISELE

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Spay them and vaccinate them. Let them eat the rats and snakes.

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A cat attack is news?

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The cat's gonna take the rap!

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I'm a bit flabergasted that the forensic people didn't immediately conclude that the victim was attacked by either an animal or a perpetrator with a sharp fork.

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This is scary.

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She can't speak but can she draw or make gestures?

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Goodlucktoyou - Spay them and vaccinate them. 

It costs around ¥40,000 per animal for this procedure. Are you willing to pay for the hundreds of thousands of stray cats to be spayed and vaccinated?

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If a cat would attack a stranger, the scratches would surely be first on the hands not on the face. And if the old woman can't speak, if she's mobile enough, she could gesture or draw. Unless she's really bedridden and someone hold a cat close to her face.

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Your cats will eat you alive if you don't feed them for a week.

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A stray cat would only scratch a person in self-defense. If the woman were scratched by the cat, it would be because she, or quite likely someone else, tried to hold the cat or pick it up.

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Just another reason why feral cats need to be eradicated!

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