Strong typhoon approaching eastern Japan


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Japan just cannot seem to catch a break lately with natural disasters.

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If it elevates the heat and humidity, I'll gladly trade up for a typhoon.

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Please be safe everyone.

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This typhoon is much larger and slower moving than the last one. The winds are not as intense, but it's bringing much more rain. Hope all those living on flood plains and river banks have their evacuation kits ready.

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Floods, landslides, heatwave, thunderstorms, now a typhoon.

I feel desperately sorry for the people in parts of Japan affected by these current extremes of weather. Many, many deaths, homes lost, people still missing - it truly is a tragedy.

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rainyday - not going anywhere near Aichi unfortunately. Hope you are bearing up OK in the heat.

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Kind of hoping it hits us here in Aichi. We haven't had rain in a month and everything is dried out.

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