Strong typhoon churns toward Japan; airlines cancel scores of flights

By Behrouz Mehri

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On the train out of Tokyo now. Didn’t hear of any delays at 12:30 when I boarded.

Hope everyone’s workplaces also have the common sense to kick everyone out early today and tell them to stay at home tomorrow morning.

If not, don’t forget your plastic umbrellas.

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sparking fears that the busy morning commute in the capital could be disrupte

Trival 1st world problem. Just stay at home ... common sense!

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Us rich people also apparantly have jobs and families and things to do...

You stay home. Lack ot sense.

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there’s an advisory to go home early today at my firm... but I’d rather get paid so will be going home at regular time.

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don’t forget your plastic umbrellas.

Being proactive, I've already turned mine inside-out.

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LagunaToday 01:37 pm JST

don’t forget your plastic umbrellas.

Being proactive, I've already turned mine inside-out

But please don't throw them everywhere, I was close to get impaled by one while walking home early during a typhoon. Those things are dangerous !

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It's going to hit Tokyo later tonight maybe as late as midnight. However, this is a very slow moving and large typhoon and will hang around Tokyo possibly until morning. Tell your boss to get stuffed when you walk out this evening and sleep in tomorrow. There will be few trains in the morning and the ones that are running will be packed far beyond capacity. You might as well be in bed for two hours than standing at the train station in a typhoon.

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970hPa isn't strong.

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Laguna: love it! (⌒▽⌒)

however, according to the map above it should hit me fair and square at around 21:00 hours.... oh joy!

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I just love those 200 yen umbrellas, has any one done any research on how long they last in these coming strong winds? .1 or .2 of a second?

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Even the 500 yen umbrellas are useless! I remember years ago I bought one as it was windy and raining, I stepped out of the CVS and it got torn to shreds instantly. I put it in the umbrella stand at the CVS and walked through the rain without it.

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Woke up to a message that my international flight today out of Narita to Europe was cancelled and that they rescheduled my flight to tomorrow morning instead. (Apparently all other flights are full today.) So annoying because all other international flights to Europe weren't cancelled, and the typhoon isn't hitting hard until later based on the news reports. Hoping that it doesn't get cancelled again tomorrow.

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They should train the pilots in slingshot takeoffs

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To anyone considering buying a plastic umbrella...don't. Buy one of the plastic raincoats instead. They don't get destroyed, will keep you dry (unlike an umbrella) and you can reuse them.

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I got caught in a typhoon in Hakodate. Was debating how to dispose of my cheap umbrella responsibly, when the wind made the decision for me. It must have been over eighty feet in the sky when it disappeared over the horizon.

Apologies if it hit anyone....

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And you are quick to judge without any actual knowledge. Don’t worry about us, our umbrellas will work just fine.

Ohhh so after your lecture you declare that you “would be freaking out”. Alright then, lets follow you!!! lol

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Hoping that it doesn't get cancelled again tomorrow.

And my rescheduled flight got cancelled again. :'(

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yeah love seeing people making good use of their umbrellas in a typhoon. news flash: you will get wet, its a typhoon

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Ocean is churning real good up in Tohoku. Beach closed today and tomorrow. As they should be. Be safe!

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On the J scale you can see that a) this typhoon has no real size, ie it is not yet able to be defined as ‘large’ or ‘very large’, and b) the word 強い ‘tsuyoi’ limits the definition of its power to ‘strong’, ie neither ‘weak’ nor ‘violent’ under the Fujita scale.

Very precise these words, but rarely do typhoons obey them exactly. And will it be a predominantly wind typhoon or a rain typhoon?

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oh my goodness. Im gonna cross again central tokyo tonight or tomorrow early morning with my very old Kei car LOL. i hope i will be fine. i am not gonna take the Shutoko as it will cost me a lot of money. i hope everybody is fine.

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But why must typhoons always "churn"? Couldn't they at least once, say, waltz, or saunter?

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Someone gave my explanatory post a minus above so I should apologize and explain.

To be more precise. This typhoon has been classified by the J meteorological office as 'tsuyoi' or 'strong'. The first paragraph of this article in English however uses the word 'powerful', which might be in the dictionary and surely sounds better, but might also simply be a flourish of journalese or poetic license.

As with all warnings of approaching storms, it is better to exaggerate the danger in advance, to make sure everyone stays safe, this time. Next time around however, many people tend not to take such warnings so seriously.

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idf66: "Trival 1st world problem. Just stay at home ... common sense!"

Sadly, many employers only have profit and slavery in mind; common sense doesn't figure into it and you are expected to go in regardless of weather.

BigYen: " I guess given the climate disasters affecting Japan over the past few months, yours is the only logical response."

You said it. Major earthquake a few weeks back, flooding, two or three typhoons (this one not hitting my area, but still). I think it's a pretty good thing if the worst we can imagine/experience/talk about are crappy umbrellas.

thepersoniamnow: "And you are quick to judge without any actual knowledge. Don’t worry about us, our umbrellas will work just fine."

First, the BigYen was being realistic, not insulting. You'll notice at the end he points out that it's admirable we consider this normal to the point of talking about umbrellas. Well, actually, YOU wouldn't -- you're too busy being insulted over nothing when the person is not being insulting. Try reading.

And no, umbrellas are no good, regardless of where they are made or used in such weather. As one poster mentioned, use a raincoat.

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The weather forecasters gave advance notice of typhoon approaching.

You should have enough time to make preparations to stock up on food and other necessities and stay indoors when the typhoon hits as "common sense" would dictate.

But typhoons are a regular events in Japan and Okinawa, so I'm confident most people know how to handle the situation in stride and go on with life.

On the other hand, If you are foolhardy and insist on going outside to take a stroll during a typhoon, it's at your risk and your responsibility.

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Apologies guys I misunderstood what BigYen said.

Thanks for the stern stern lecture smithinjapan lol wow.

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Now Thursday morning. Nothing happened in Tokyo. That is great to wake up to but it's becoming like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. This is the second typhoon in a row they got wrong. They need to get their weather reports more accurate or people will stop listening to them. Hope that never happens but ......

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As I said above 970hPa isn't strong. Learn to read the weather maps and you'll be able to avoid unnecessary hysteria.

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kawabegawa198Today 11:29 am JST

As I said above 970hPa isn't strong. Learn to read the weather maps and you'll be able to avoid unnecessary hysteria.

But we love hysteria, it keeps us busy.

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