Strong winds hit Kanto region, causing transport delays


The Kanto region was hit by strong southerly winds on Wednesday, causing disruptions to train services as well as traffic on the Rainbow Bridge.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, winds with a maximum speed of 25.2 meters per second were recorded at Haneda airport and 24.9 meters per second in central Tokyo at 11 a.m.

The winds caused the suspension of services on the Saikyo, Sobu, Musashino and Kyoba train lines in Tokyo and outlying areas. The Rainbow Bridge was closed to traffic for a short while in the morning.

The temperature reached an unseasonably warm 21 degrees in Tokyo as of 1 p.m. However, the Meteorological Agency said a cold air mass is expected to move over the Kanto region overnight, bringing temperatures down on Thursday.

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Nearly had my glasses ripped off my face.

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25.2 m/s or 56.4 miles/hr is whole gale or storm force winds. Damage can include uprooted trees, broken branches, damage to homes.

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I've never gotten used to the idea that wind can blow a train off the tracks. That just seems weird. I know the physics is right but still - weird.

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Very good Barry. Hat doffed sir...

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We have a door in our apartment we hate. The previous occupants had it fitted. A very bad-taste glass door with a grapevine pattern in it. We were going te replace it, but then found out we are moving so decided not to bother.

We are leaving next week. The shiping company came this morning. Just as I was finishing up I spotted my daughters unicycle on the balcony - they can take that in advance. So I opened the balcony door not realising that the front door was also open. That created a massive wind tunnel - the grapes of wrath door slammed shut and glass flew everywhere! We have been here 3 years talking about how much we hate that door and one week before we leave the bloody thing smashes! We can claim it on insurance, but thanks a bunch, wind! Where were you 3 years ago?!

4 ( +7 / -4 )

Today was a good day to park my bicycle near the station - it was too windy for the bicycle ojiisans to be outside putting tags on bicycles or hauling them to their lair.

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Got it 57.375 mph....

-1 ( +0 / -1 )


It's about 56 mph

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Ok... Need a bit of math help here... 25.2 meters per second would be what for miles per hour??

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@Barry: D'oh!!! Well, Canada is TOO cold in March. Uhh, did you say "blown incessantly???"

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multitaskerMAR. 13, 2013 - 04:10PM JST I think I`ll go to Thailand or somewhere nice every March in the future!

Bad idea, Mulitasker. Every time I go to Thailand I get tremendous wind. And blown almost incessantly.

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I weigh 48kgs and the wind almost blew me off the sidewalk onto the road! Scary.....!

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I think I`ll go to Thailand or somewhere nice every March in the future!

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Rickyvee is it me or has this been the windiest year so far?

Yeah, this year blows.

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Lots of wind out there today. Usually March is a windy month ... and so far this is holding true this year.

Got potted plants laying all over the patio. No use putting them upright 'cause the wind'll just blow them over again.

And say hey "Reckless" ... better hold on to your toupee today 'cause it's liable to take off for the unknown ...

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The mother seemed too stunned to say thank you

Or maybe she was just ill-mannered.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

is it me or has this been the windiest year so far?

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Rescued a mother with a baby slung in front of her, a child in the back seat and packages strung on her bicycle who fell over at an intersection. Luckily, the little guy in back had a helmet. The mother seemed too stunned to say thank you but glad they are OK.

7 ( +9 / -3 )

Kansai too! Thought the dog and I would get blown away on our walk about an hour ago.

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i am not a smart man but 25.2 meters per hour is a really slow wind....:-P

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That was an error. The wind speed was 25.2 meters per second.

Yep, so far, three hours to get to work and still counting! Oh joy!!!

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