Student told to write essay promising not to fart


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The students need to take a stand against unreasonable demands.... they should unite in protest, eat beans, broccoli, onions, cabbage, and in a united stand, gas the teacher.

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Only 9 months to be reported to the BoE. Yikes.

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Made a wicked pasta last night but with a little too much garlic so this morning I can relate to the student's problems. Seriously though; there seem to be much better ways to deal with the kid's flatulence than public shaming. I am not an educator so this is not my line of expertise, however if the child has issues and was doing this to get attention, I could possibly meet halfway with the teacher. I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for educators who teach kids with special needs and I admit I could not do this (I just do not have the patience) however posting the notice in the class seems to be a bit much.

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The essay also read, "If I break my promise, I will run 10 laps" in the running area in school grounds.

And what happens if the student gets second wind?

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Reminds me of my JET days in Oita when another teacher could not digest Japanese milk but drank it anyways. He was a gas to be around...

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Teaching special education is a tough job. When you start to feel any anger it is time to move on. I had that happen to me after three years of teaching deaf education. I left happy.

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That’s.. actually pretty damn funny.

No malice here, think the school can be left alone

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Obviously the whole thing was a joke. The kid wrote it completely unaided.

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Ridicule and public shaming is not discipline. It is just another form of bullying.

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Ha. I must have had students wishing this teacher would do the same :-)

Now I am teaching a class of housewives and retirees. This would make for an 'interesting' homework assignment.

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I once farted when I was about to get on the train because I didn't want to fart inside the carriage. An old man behind me tried to push me in front of the train.

I think humiliation is better than train, but j do eat a lot of garluc.

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The story does mention whether it worked, i.e. whether the student eventually learned to control the results of whatever his/her mother was feeding him/her.

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In fact, in view of the triangular responsibility for education, the statement could have been an attempt (however misguided) by the teacher to shame the parent into more action.

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This would be blown off as a joke in most cases. I don't think the teacher was trying to be cruel. Young boys love talking and writing about farts. Easy laughs from the peanut gallery.

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That really stinks.

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Reminds me when I first time handled first year high school students in my home country. It wasn't a special needs school. Someone had taken a chocolate drink for breakfast and had a bad tummy. It wasn't just fart but the real pooh. The whole room stinker but nobody wanted to say he was the one. Until everyone, row by row were asked to stand up. Luckily the house of the girl was just near and she was so ashamed that she dropped out of school. Me and some members of the class cleaned up the mess. This is one of the gross but memorable incidents I can never forget after all these 30yrs.

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Beware! Some teachers may take matters into their own hands and deliver a tactical first strike of flatulence.

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He can promise no farting during class time, but there's no guarantee of being able to control his farting urge.

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Once tried to hold a fart in - came out anyway as a squeaker hahaha

Where ere you be, let your wind blow free...

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It takes a good guy with a fart...

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The teacher was absolutely wrong in humiliating the student. One does not fart intentionally. Farts are a nature phenomena. It is not healthy to hold gas in.

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One does not fart intentionally

Boys do, or at least my mates did. Paul was a little too keen one time and waddled home.

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I am fart bombed at least several times a week on the Tokyo metro. If only there was a way to finger the perpetrator!

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Well hopefully this cruel teacher has had the wind taken out of his sails and the BoE will follow-through with a full investigation.

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Should they all have worn ear plugs and nose clips?

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Hard to put 100% of the blame on the teacher. I'll bet the students in the class were rotten, egging him on.

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If I had to sign such a promise to my wife, I would be running 100 laps a day!

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Glad that the school got to the bottom of this incident.

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I feel for this student. I burned through the seat on my last international flight.

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nandakandamandaToday 05:23 pm JST

Should they all have worn ear plugs and nose clips?

Or face masks?

Mayhap the parents should have been required to write an essay, I will not feed my child fart producing food before school?

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I find myself feeling sorry for this kid - i've met lots of kids that really can't control their farts, heck as i older it's happening to me too - the bubble coming out here and there - just hope nobody notices.

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i've met lots of kids that really can't control their farts, heck as i older it's happening to me too - the bubble coming out here and there - just hope nobody notices.

Eat more natural yoghurt.

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Be a contrarian! Pound of saurkraut a day!

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Case of the punishment not matching the crime....

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I was about to just automatically dump on the school and teacher for doing something so cruel to a child, but I think there are some important details missing. Was the child trying to keep it to himself but unable to, or was he ripping huge loud farts and making a spectacle of it on purpose to get attention? I would hope a teacher wouldn't embarass a student like that unless there were extenuating circumstances that required it.

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@extaker - first off, if you have a build up of "Gas" within you to make a noticeable noise, then trying to hold it in would be rather to the detriment of your health. A more proper solution of continuous farts would be to refer the child to a Medical examiner out of their own health concerns, rather than the convenience of others...

They may actually thank you afterwards for doing the Smart thing....

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I think you misunderstand what I am saying.

Have you never seen a child purposefully push out a fart and then make a big deal about it? I've seen kids that can pretty much fart on cue. In the article, there is a lack of detail about why the child was in trouble for farting. If it was simply a teacher angry with a child for passing gas, then yes, that is ridiculous and the teacher should be dealt with. If on the other hand, it was a child being disruptive by purposefully doing it, then that is a different story altogether and the fault lies with the child. I just want to have more details before passing judgement. (pun intended, sorry I couldn't help it)

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extankerToday 01:49 am JST

I was about to just automatically dump on the school...."

Wazzat a Freudian slip?

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Has the student subsequently managed to keep his or her promise, or does the teacher have to point accusingly at the essay each time someone steps on a frog? Does the kid get blamed for any sounds or smells in the classroom? Too many questions and no further information.

At my first school we called the sudden smells ‘mines’, ie silent but deadly. Anyone complaining got the blame, as “He/she who smelt it dealt it.”

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@Nan Ferra

Haha, I didn't even notice that one!

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ex-tanker, no indication in the article that the kid was a 'he'. Most posters have stepped around that one. Still, we need to give the kid a break or two! Break wind, and break your promise!

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