Succession will shrink number of Japan's imperial heirs to 2

By Mari Yamaguchi and Kaori Hitomi

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Mako, I love you !!.. lol !!!..

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I guess if it shrinks to one, and the son doesn’t have sons (for whatever reason), then once again the government will likely consider allowing women to rule. That would rock.

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Well,can always go old school and find a few concubines as backup like history has shown. Or change into the 21st century and allow women to ascend to the throne.It's dumb as to why not.

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This was a good opportunity to move the Imperial house back to Kyoto. Too many institutions are concentrated in Tokyo.

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Secret of long continued Japan's Imperial System comes from our ancestral worship. They are respected as the descendents of the Japan's founders nearly 2,000 years ago. Description of Japanese history begins with the mythology of their ancestors.  So, their blood is important. If anybody or a commoner can become an emperor, the system will fall.

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Get rid of this system. It serves no purpose. It's a waste of taxpayer money and enslaves these people in service to a cynical political setup that insinuates that nobody but the usual power brokers have real power.

The Heisei Emperor is a tremendously honorable man who has done much within the restrictions of his position to restore some dignity to the citizens of Japan in whom true sovereignty resides. I respect him and his family as people, but I do not respect the imperial order, and I suspect that deep down the Emperor himself would sooner see it gone.

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They look like nice people, but from the photo, not the most fashionable on the block.

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...once again the government will likely consider allowing women to rule. That would rock.

Yes, that will be great. There is, however, one more option for Japan can do: reinstate Kyu-Kozoku (旧皇族), or Branch of Imperial Family, who were stripped their status of Imperial Family in 1947 by US Occupation Authority. There are ten such families, among them are several young male candidates, who, according to the long Japanese tradition, are eligible to be an emperor.

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What? No pegboard? Why do they rank above our nearly new E & E? (Snark alert).

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There’s no need to worry about imperial succession. If the 12-year-old Prince Hisahito has three children, at least one of them will be a boy with the probability of 87.25%(1-1/2x1/2x1/2). And four children, the chances increase to 93.75%.

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What? No pegboard?

Yes, no pegboard.

The Royals have obviously been keeping an eye on JT and taken note of the anti-pegboard sentiments of recent weeks. You've had a win! :)

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Let women ascend to the throne. Could they do any worse than the men?

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Beautiful photo capturing the Imperial family in a natural pose in theyre home, as we have never see them. Even though they are all VIPs with unlimited wealth, they all seem real nice and like a normal Japanese family. I hope young Prince Hisahito is feeling better after a madman invaded his school last week.

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Even though they are all VIPs with unlimited wealth,

The imperial family have no personal wealth and need the public support of the taxpayer. When a female member marries a commoner and leaves the family, they will receive ¥100-¥150 million of taxpayer money.

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If only Princess Kako could ascend the throne, the world would be a much better place.

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Dump the misogyny and let a woman be on the throne, basic common sense really.

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Patricia YarrowApr. 29  08:18 pm JST

“What? No pegboard”

It’s a different family and a different residence, so it’s no surprise.

I wish people would drop their obsession with the pegboard. It’s not my taste and never was but why should we care what their walls are made of? It may look dated now but it was probably considered cool, modern decor at the time the home was built. And I suspect if they updated it then we’d hear whining about how “they’re using our tax money to fund their extravagent lifestyle.” Anyway, as they’ll be shuffling homes and doing some remodeling soon I doubt we’ll be seeing the pegboard much longer.

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Even though they are all VIPs with unlimited wealth

Which wealth? What a dumb thing to say. Do you really believe that? Those people are born with a gold spoon in their mouth paid with tax payers money. Yet, they serve no purpose, they just exist on this Earth for the sole purpose to make fake smiles. People in this country are working to the death often for miserable salaries and we have people here getting a luxury life not from the merit of their work but from their status.

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God luck to them as they know they don't deserve their status but are enslaved i' that system.

I wish them success in their projects because they can change the world to make it better.

I like especially Fumihito because he is outspoken, a very rare unjapanese quality.

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Stop it, stop it now, you were talking about allowing women until pop a boy came out. Get with modern times.

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