Gov't aims to abolish income cap on subsidies for fertility treatment


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They should have been paying people to get help in the first place, if they were worried about low birth rates. But they don't want to spend a single yen, just tax people at every opportunity!!!

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Abolishing the limit makes sense.

It sounds like there is little regulation of infertility clinics, many of which operate as for profit operations, some with snake oil-type promises of high success rates. It's fine for the taxpayer to pay for things, but there should be checks in place to ensure value for money.

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3 sensible comments ahead of mine. I find that all people, responsible potential parents that is, should have a legal right on all possible help to make their wish come through.

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I'm sure there's a snowballs chance in hell because of the declining birth rate, but I wish contraception and sterilisation were covered by public health too. Some of us cannot have children for medical reasons, and it's ridiculous that to completely prevent it, you have to pay thousands of dollars.

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Subsidies on fertility treatment is a well justified health measure that will benefit countless couples, and if it is done with this purpose it is justified. But as a measure against population declining it makes no sense. The population is not declining because of biological reasons but social ones.

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The population is not declining because of biological reasons but social ones.

Wait, you mean throwing money at the problem will not solve it?

It's probably the solution that takes the least effort. All the other issues take more of an effort to solve and that is probably too bothersome.

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