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Suga says Japan's fishery exports safe for consumption


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OF COURSE he's going to say that!

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The thing is that Maguro travel around the Pacific.. I wont eat any big tuna anymore.. just locally caught Ahi.. but now the currents are bringing in Tsunami debris and contaminated water with it.. this is like a Godzilla movie... some giant radioactive fire breathing lizard coming out of the sea to destroy Honolulu..

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Face TowelSep. 07, 2013 - 10:27AM JST

All was cauded from once covered up the leaking.

Cauded !!! Now there's a word you don't come across every day.

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Remember America said it was safe to export it's beef but Japan refused to accept it. KARMA.

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"Japan's fishery exports safe for consumption" What BS

We are being lied to. Reality... Cesium levels are at a point that should prevent human consumption. And that is just not coastal Japan fisheries. Apparently extends to the Hawaiian and Aleutian island chains, and possibly, soon, to the West coast of US.

Delayed reporting of testing results and environmental studies is the modus operandi for the governments of Japan and the US.

You are being lied to.

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Japanese media are claiming Korea is trying to torpedo the Tokyo Olympic bid by scaring the voters. Some media are even suggesting to boycott buying Korean smartphones (maybe one Korean item that does sell somewhat in Japan). Instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, it's pretty clear, where the Japanese fingers will point to if Tokyo Olympic bid fails. Despite the fact that Korea was the last country in the face of the earth to ban fish from Fukushima areas. The Japanese media and the Japanese government are using this for their own nationalism.

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Japanese government: sorry, you've lost your credibility , too many mistakes, too many half-truths, too many assumptions that things are safe and too much downplaying of this calmity

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"Just trust me."

These old boys (come on, they're all old wether by age or mentality) are so effing out of touch with the common man. They present their little half-truths, thinking the Japanese public are still in awe of people in power, kinda like before the Meiji era.

I am surprised almost every day as to how clueless politicians in this country are.

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After all these lies I can't believe what they say anymore. Unless they print the radiation reading on the packet I won't be eating Japanese seafood (I live in Japan) in the near future and haven't been for 2 months now.

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So, Mr Suga should have a freshly landed fish (from Fukushima) dinner in front of the press with a .........

Wait a minute...yeah, that's right!

There aren't any fish being caught and consumed from Fukushima because they are all dangerously radioactive!

It really is insulting for Japanese politicians to come out with this pure BS all the time........

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Toxic water is confined to a small bay near the plant and, even there radiation readings are far below allowed limits (of 100 becquerels/kg), said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

Tepco data for the period from last October for a 20km radius of the plant (excluding the port in the immediate vicinity) show readings of up to 169,000 becquerels/kg in marble flounder/マコガレイ.


Have the fish suddenly got well again?

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All was cauded from once covered up the leaking.

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techall. Scorch!!!!

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Bo ho, try a trustworthy system that checks all food, an idea would be to start internally (I would appreciate it) then once in place others might begin to trust. At present trust is missing.

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Ah, well, if Suga says it, it must be so. The government never lies for the sake of profit over safety!

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This from a country that banned the import of all U..S. beef because of one cow found to have BSE (a Canadian cow at that) saying it was the responsibility of the government to protect the people from unsafe food. Well..........shoe's on the other foot now, aint it.

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Suga is hardly in a neutral or objective position regarding this issue, and I'd never expect him to say anything less. Will he ever come out and say Japanese produce is unsafe, regardless of the circumstances?

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As for the levels being found in fish, I don't expect them to drop. If anything, given the persistent nature of the disaster, they will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. In addition, it was just recently announced that Japan will begin allowing exports of beef from Fukushima prefecture. It's one more indication of Japan's insanity and insatiable desire to deny there's a problem.

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And how is that the fault of the Japanese government?

Incredible. Who built up and subsidized TEPCO? Who let them run amok? Who built the nuclear plants in such an area against all advice, with cost cutting measures bordering on criminality? Who polluted the sea? Who kept insisting Japanese fish is safe? Korean government to Japan government, fool me once for taking your standards, and fool me twice then it's shame on us - so why are you getting mad at us? Is Japan the only one using the sea and living off of it? The arrogance...

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Japan is avoiding taking responsibility again. Surprise surprise.

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chucky3176Sep. 07, 2013 - 07:24AM JST Even stores put up signs saying they don't sell Japanese fish, yet there are no customers. This is a disaster for the >entire fishing industry in Korea, thanks to Japanese government.

That sounds like its a Korean problem created by Korean consumers. Why should Korean customers avoid buying Korean fish? And how is that the fault of the Japanese government?

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So says the Japanese government. We're supposed to believe them, as if they have told the truth all the time. Right. This is Japan's fault. With constant attempts of downplaying the disaster, lies, coverups, etc etc. If Japan had been more forthcoming then this may not have gotten to this stage, but because of their creditability issues, nobody believes them. I would like Mr. Suga and his family to eat the Fukushima fish in front of the press and tell us to buy and eat the same thing. He doesn't get it. Even if there is no ban of Japanese fish, nobody is going to buy Japanese fish period. Read the Korean media, the entire fish markets are empty of customers. Even stores put up signs saying they don't sell Japanese fish, yet there are no customers. This is a disaster for the entire fishing industry in Korea, thanks to Japanese government.

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may be safe for Japanese consumers, overseas buyers are very skeptical not only about marine products but Japanese food products/drinks in general.

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