Gov't says volcanic eruption will have no impact on nuclear restarts


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May abnormal profits from nukes, instead of safety, guide the restart decisions; AMEN! What is certain is that volcanoes can cause shifts in the tectonic plates, which in turn can easily lead to earthquakes happening faster. Remember the world is waiting for the big one that is 10 years behind schedule!

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The seismic activity, the inability to secure 100% safety WILL have an impact. No restarts.

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As Sendai is my home base when I am typically in Japan for upwards of half a year, I hope they have some instruments on Sakurajima and can provide early enough warning of an imminent blow. Living on the other side of the Ring of Fire, I know of several volcanoes around my other home in Victoria, BC, and witnessed Mt. St. Helens' explosion in the early '80s from not too far away. The fumes around the mountain - and all volcanoes to my knowledge - are toxic. Add that death sentence to hot ash in your lungs and burning your skin, if the falling rocks haven't knocked you senseless or better (who wants to suffer that sh*t?), and from what I know of Japanese society and its attendant dedication to all things Japanese, the number of deaths in this unfortunate incident could easily have been higher. God Rest Their Souls.

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The denial continues...

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the simple truth is they are gambling.

the current mindset seems to be one that even if there was another serious accident they would still push nuclear power.

the economy is in trouble, energy is expensive, its short sighted and speaks to the problem of politicians thinking more about their term and popularity numbers than the future and well being of the people.

they know its risky, they know and we are reminded by this event and the fairly regular earthquakes that Japan is no place for nuclear power plants, most certainly not ageing power plants where profitability is put before safety, lets not forget its Tepco ignoring specific safety recommendations for more secure power backup for exactly the event that occurred that put us here in the first place.

Shall we guess what will cause the next nuclear incident?

Lets hope its not dust or debris from a major volcano... and that it could have been prevented with appropriate filters and shields to protect mechanical and electrical devices from damage but they decided "not to" because it would have interfered with profits..

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Volcanos will erupt . Sunamis will come and earthquakes will destroy this is life

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Nothing to worry about. We have Chiba Batman to depend on.

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the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) said the chance of a major volcanic activity during the lifespan of the Sendai nuclear plant was negligible.

This shows the NRA and complete idiots and only promoting nuclear energy. To say this without concern is criminal.

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If it is too risky to have a nuclear power plant 50km upwind of Sakurajima, shouldn't we be focusing on the complete relocation of Kagoshima?

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Safe? Profits are safe if restart, whoops dropped that plutonium into a bucket, goodness what's this envelope? Is that a surprising fault line? Is that volcano right next to us erupting what's this envelope? All "regrettable"

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Because the Nuclear reactors a perfectly safe against natural catastrophes.. oh wait.

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Gee I ever knew that nuclear reactors were built to withstand erupting volcanos? [Grin] Do they also withstand rivers of lava?

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Before giving its initial greenlight in July, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) said the chance of a major volcanic activity during the lifespan of the Sendai nuclear plant was negligible.

un-be-lie-va-ble! And these people decide something than can affect so many on a large scale. It makes my blood boil.

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Its times like this when I dream that I should have left Japan after 3/11!

The govt & Jpn Inc hold the Japanese people with such utter contempt its becoming too painful to watch anymore, its disgusting! If I wasn't married I would be outta here, its should be clear to everyone that things are almost certainly not going to improve for the 99%ers!

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Nuclear power, common sense and caring about the people's safety do not mix well together. If safety was the primary concern, all nuclear power plants would remain shut down, at least until the incredibly toxic wast problem is solved.

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"...lets not forget its Tepco ignoring specific safety recommendations for more secure power backup for exactly the event that occurred that put us here in the first place."

Former TEPCO Shimizu should be behind bars for this.

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Former TEPCO Shimizu should be behind bars for this.

All of the Tepco board should be in jail, fired and / or fined, yet they were rewarded with a bunch of money from the government and Tepco even had the gall to post "record profits" to the shareholders after the money landed from the government.... !?

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Gov't says volcanic eruption will have no impact on nuclear restarts

Well then, isn't that NOT a surprise? Neither rain nor sleet nor 11 mag earthquakes or volcanic eruptions will deter the Japanese government from restarting their reactors.

-1 ( +2 / -3 ) worries, until you catch your tail on fire

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Of course not. Another triple meltdown would have no impact on nuclear restarts.

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Well, better to have a meltdown than an inreversible global warming in the entire world and turn it like a Martian surface.

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GW, would your better half not go back to your home country with you? IS there no other place you get to and feel safe? Don't endure that kind of stress, get out if you need to, if it sounds rational and sensible then it probably is. The Dai-Ichi catastrophes are continuing unabated, there's still no solution to the disasters consequences and the Japanese govt being battered by TEPCO's and the Nuclear Village's shareholders are going to do everything they can and give them what they want... restarts.

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As soon as the erruption came out, what Gov't says is this, huh?


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And yet along with the majority of the public not wanting restarts -- the people's approval being the biggest precondition for the government to actually restart them, I might add -- and despite the fact that they can't admit when or where a major disaster may occur, the government wants to ignore this latest proof that you simply should NOT be operating NPPs on Japanese land and 'hoping' nothing happens soon. I want the government and the power companies that want the restarts, to sign written and legally binding contracts stating that if a disaster occurs the company and government heads will take FULL responsibility and front ALL costs, as well as willingness to be jailed for endangering lives (possibly taking them) and destruction of property for every single count, and past governments or company execs are NOT exempt and must sign this contract to be valid until either the NPPs in question are decommissioned or in the event of their deaths.

Now, if they are willing to do those things, I'm more willing to take their word for it that safety is ensured.

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The government missed the chance slosh more money to their friends by setup a panel to investigate the matter...

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Some days I would love to be outta here, lots a days I love it here, me like lots of others here have roots, family, property, businesses, dogs & cats, all rather complex. Maybe 20yrs ago it would have been easier to depart & the mrs has traveled lots & speaks English etc but we aint spring chickens no more & health issues kicking in so its only a dream from time to time.

I don't want to leave but again its pretty depressing watching the govt & tepco do their thing screwing the entire country, I feel more sorry for young Japanese than for myself!

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It takes about 5 minutes on the Internet to do a little research on volcanoes to see that this eruption has ZERO relevance to nuclear power in Japan. But don't let that get in the way of your scary Radiophobe fantasies, sheeple

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In case you don't know there are LOTS of volcanos in Japan, they run down the entire spine of the country! Just sayin!

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GW. I guess Guy did not do a 5 minute Internet research on that. It does not serve his pro-nuke agenda.

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@GW, don't take this the wrong way, but every one of those problems isn't a problem because they all have solutions. Kick it back in SE Asia somewhere, get back to your home country, especially if you're in Tohoku, Kanto.

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Well, Sendai Nuclear plant is ~50 +km NNW of Sakurajima, actually quite far away and unless Sakurajima suddenly were to transfor into a Mt St Helens level volcano poses no threat to Sendai Nuclear. Check the geography.

I have to agree with Guy.

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