Suicide of Mitsubishi Electric unit employee caused by overwork


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"We take seriously the fact that a worker at a related company has died. We will work on thoroughly implementing appropriate labor control," Mitsubishi Electric said in a statement Friday.

Yeah, right. Nothing will ever change... People should be more aware of their mental health and should stop the Management abuses.

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I've taught at a few Mitsubishi fabs, and many of my students wanted nothing less than to get the hell out of there. Sad, as they were bright and engaging. The only resigned to staying were the dullards - maybe good engineers, but robotic.

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This is sad, but it is hard for me to understand how a 40 year old man cannot just say no more, and either quit or work less. At my company, for example, if someone underperforms they will be demoted then sail off with a nice severance if ultimately fired. I assume that would apply at Mitsubishi as well.

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Even 100 hours of overtime per month is still a death sentence. At 40 hours per week, 100 hours is nearly and extra three weeks work per month. I really can not understand what I’d wrong with these companies that they have to schedule such ridiculous amounts of overtime fir their workers. Is it unrealistic deadlines, poor production scheduling or are their staff really stupid and slow?

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Reckless: At 40, one is virtually unemployable, almost zero chance of full-time permanent position. Leaving a major company is considered weakness, not a logical decision. It is sad, but that is reality in Japan.

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Thomas - not at all. I see people in their 40s leave Japanese companies all the time for other companies, both Japanese and foreign.

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Labor, employee laws, policies must change in Japan.  For anyone working a full day of 8 hours, 40 hours per week is enough without overtime.  No one should be working more than 1-2 hours overtime per week, and pay rate should be high enough so people do not feel the need to do overtime work.

If there is a labor shortage of skilled workers, Japan should consider recruiting Nikkei from other countries such as US, Brazil, etc.  . . . and if necessary training them.   And or, perhaps skilled Nikkei can come to Japan to train workers and help with better efficiencies - so overtime is not required.

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. . . also, some years ago, when I was in Japan there used to be many young Kaisha . . . staying late at the company office, but appeared not to be getting much work done - this type of overtime should be discouraged and disallowed.  If people need better pay, they should be advancing their knowledge/ skill levels before receiving such pay - not through overtime.

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One problem about the skill level adjusted pay in Japan is the fact that most companies do not consider this.

It is all age based and how much time you have put in. Also the drinking parties...

If you need people to fill management positions, you take an older, hard working (hours of overtime and drinking) employee and send them to a 3 day management course... if that.

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