Sunken Hokkaido boat searched with camera; 12 people still missing


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"On the day of the accident, Katsurada was not in his office and did not instruct other employees to stay in contact with the boat's skipper, they said."

Probably out playing golf after forcing the Captain to go out in dangerous conditions!

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It was 2- 3c in Shiretoko on April 23rd. Not exactly golfing weather.

But yea...He wasn't in the office because he wasn't concerned.

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Both liable but let’s wait for the ‘conclusion’ to yesterday’s police raid and investigation where the ultimate liability will fall. Don’t like reading media seeming to participate in the company’s CYA:

The boat's operator …

[captain or company owner/president ?]

was found to have violated safety rules, according to sources close to the investigation.

The captain of the boat routinely failed to report on the progress of each cruise to the operation manager Seiichi Katsurada, who is also the company's president,

as required by company rules, the sources said.

0 ( +10 / -10 ) they have 12 ships and 6 aircraft available to search ?

But when the call was made for help they arrived too late .

Its just baffling and annoying

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The captain of the boat routinely failed to report on the progress of each cruise

but business was still allowed to be continued ?

as we can see clearly the undisputable facts that the company and the operator and the captain and the port tour passenger authorities regulators are all part of the problem.

There should have been someone at the dock to refuse the passenger tour boat to go out on that day.

People do irresponsible stuff and thats why .

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The government and media are coming down on him, but hopefully the dangerous practices will be looked into.

Just by reading news I have learned of recent run ins by the law, referring to prosecutors over crashes and more, by the above company.

But they were still permitted to leave on their own discretion on a day with cautions out for boats…

The large death toll shows how tragically dangerous it is to let repeat violators operate deadly equiptment.

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