Supermarket opens in Namie town for first time since Fukushima nuclear disaster


Supermarket chain Aeon opened a new store in Namie town, Fukushima Prefecture, on Sunday, for the first time since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster in 2011 caused the evacuation of the town.

Namie, along with neighboring Futaba and Tomioka towns, were subject to government evacuation orders in the wake of the crisis. The evacuation order for Namie was partially lifted in 2017, but 49.9 percent of former residents said they would not return, citing concerns over the lack of medical and commercial facilities, as well as the fact that they had established lives elsewhere.

Namie now has about 1,000 residents, about 5% of its original population. Public broadcaster NHK reported that the opening of the Aeon outlet drew many shoppers who purchased seafood, liquor and dairy items.

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'As Japan marked the eighth anniversary of the disaster last month, a Greenpeace investigation revealed high levels of radiation in areas that have been declared safe, and accused the government of misleading the international community about the risks faced by returning evacuees and decontamination workers.'


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This is the stupid thing about lifting the evacuation orders. Once the government lifts the evacuation order the residents receive no further financial assistance and are expected to move back. However, there are very few amenities and a lack of infrastructure for people to return to. The government should be focused on bringing commerce and amenities back to these areas before they force people to move back there.

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Very good for the 1,000 residents there. Aeon is a good food chain. Many areas of Namie still have high levels of radiation. Before the disaster, 20,000 lived there. Some spots are more than 20 microsieverts per hour.

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San Miguel

a Greenpeace investigation revealed

I do not have much trust in data "revealed" by politically motivated organizations of left or right.

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Not seeing why anyone at all would want to live the radioactive (in spots!) Namie.

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Well good on Aeon for being an employer within such a region.

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The government should be focused on bringing commerce and amenities back to these areas before they force people to move back there.

Uh no, don't force anyone to live there, blockade the area off for the next 400 years.

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