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Survey finds Japanese medical schools admitting men at higher rates

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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We've covered this.

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Mysogyny is alive and well in Japan? What a shocker.

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The head of the education ministry's university entrance exams office told Jiji press agency that female applicants were generally more successful across the board at university entrance exams, for departments ranging from science to the humanities.

This trend is also documented in other countries. Glad the issue of Japanese university administration are cheating has finally been unveiled.

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TIJ who is surprised by this?

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If this extends to a lot the big national universities, as it seems possible, this scandal could really blow up like nothing before. I would be curious what the relevant acceptance rates were for individual universities and whether this is an across the board practice or if there are just a few egregious cases drawing the overall average so far down.

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I thought there were promises to look into and resolve this? And yet...

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smithinjapanToday  02:19 pm JST

“I thought there were promises to look into and resolve this? And yet...”

Yes, there were promises to look into and resolve these inequities (which came into light recently). That is exactly what is happening now as detailed in the article. They are currently attempting to ascertain exactly what has been happening. The next step will come after that. What exactly are you complaining about? That they are doing what they said they would do?

“government survey sparked by a discrimination scandal has found most Japanese medical schools admit male applicants at a higher rate than women, prompting further government investigation.”

“The ministry plans to investigate the issue further, including site visits and research into how entrance exams are conducted.”

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Its a understandable fact that women do leave the profession to have babies in their 20's and 30's leaving a doctor shortage, So the Medical University is looking at the bigger picture that is if they allow more women students there will be a Doctor shortage in the future.

To comment on this you have to either in the self interest which allows the women in the industry while knowing they will leave or the bigger picture supporting the University to be selective so there will be a Doctor there when they are needed.

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All of this goes down to not having enough child care institutions.

With all the hard-work they put into their education, who wouldn't want to resume their career.

If only there were sufficient support from the family or government.

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All of this goes down to not having enough child care institutions.

You can have all the child care institutions in the world, but as long as we have biological tendencies, more women will want to leave work to care for the newborn children.

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