Survey on Fukushima-linked bullying reveals hundreds more cases


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Bullying makes people feel better when others are hurt. [- give up ur cash for being a (insert here) germ, be sure to turn the cheek and walk off stronger then. and then find out where they sleep]

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HIROKAZU MATSUNO. BULLYING in Japan has been and will be especially in schools because of your non actions no matter how many complaints the Principals of each school received and your Department. Fukushima linked bullying is nothing compared to numbers and kids that even succumbed to suicide regarding this BULLYING. My daughter was bullied in one of the Elementary School in Koriyama city Fukushima Ken. My daughter suffered depression, stress and fear. Talked with my daughter's teacher but nothing. I wrote the school principal about it and even gave some suggestions but nothing. He is more interested in watering his plants than to check his school and students. Talked to some parents with kids bullied and they have also reported it. And she get from the school was " it's normal so the kids will get stronger and can adjust to society. Yeah ! Yeah.. cope with society. The Society 6 feet under? IMHO

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Bullying is the problem at heart, don't think it relates to fukushima victims. Bullies will pick those who they perceive at weak to abuse, and it just so happens they are fukushima victims.

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ushosh123, tell us something we don't know. Of course bullies will pick the weak, the question should be "why is there a need to bully those students?" on my opinion there is a lack of understanding and compassion. The school should address this and not let it just pass because it just doesn't go away.

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The parents need to educate their children the way to deal with bully. Fight back. it's really that simple.

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@thepersoniamnow - In that case if you and I met and I bullied you...would you simply be inclined to ignore me and just go on living your life?

Yeah, damn right I would! I wouldn't give a fat wombat's ball bag and, I would also tell you to 'go far away'. I grew up in the generation when you didn't take everything offensively and run off to your mummy to complain about it and receive condolences from her. If I had run off to my mother, she would have told me the same thing, "Just man up and stop being such a wimp! Get on with your life!" This is a generation of of over-sensitive pussies! I'm sorry if I offended you. Tell your mom! Bwahahahaha!

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Ok so you are a grumpy old man? Lol, have a nice day.

Oh and bullying still isn't ok...even if you are stuck in your ways.

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Watching TV dramas show you that bullying is rampant in this society and ingrained in the culture. It starts at a very young age and goes right up until death.

It will not change.

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prompting the government to request schools that accept evacuees check whether they have been bullied or not through interviews and other means.

Great, also check to see that no students/teachers are ignorant concerning radiation--what the word means--and whether or not any affects of exposure to it can be transferred person to person (hint: they can't). Likewise natural disasters and bad luck cannot reasonably be supposed to "rub off" on someone else.

Ignorance leading to prejudice needs to be combated.

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