Survivors sue landowners over deadly July mudslide in central Japan


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They won’t win.

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@David..... maybe so (and anyway it will be years and years in the process) but.... good that someone's having a go, and maybe a groundswell of such actions may grow in future, and, longterm, bring about change.... accountability? care? caution? rather than the profligate disdain for others that is currently rampant....

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This was a devastating tragedy for those affected! The really sad thing is that we have systems that allow people to operate in a reckless, thoughtless manner and then to reorganise their companies to avoid accountability.

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@David, they probably would win but will get like a million yen ($9000).

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They have no chance of winning at all. At best, the lawsuit will drag on for years, they'll have to prove that the companies are responsible, wasting a lot of time looking into things,...... A common practice in such cases.

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No criminal case? This company had a slew of violations in the past. The media doesnt even mention the companies' name, so it seems the authorities aren't particularly eager to seek justice. Just the victims on their own accord. Good luck.

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The firm was subject to multiple administrative directions by the prefectural and Atami city governments.

Nice excuse

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