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Swiss 'Jetman' takes joyride around Mt Fuji


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I want one of those to fly to work everyday.

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Swiss Cheesy marketing but fun.

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Beats the heck out of riding a peak hour train!

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Cool. Score one for entrepreneurialism.

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****what an amazing age we live in! Imagine the panoramic view.... but cold this time of year!

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I ordered one from that Acme Company. Hope I get a better version than Wild E. Coyote. Anyway, here is the video from BBC news.


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"The seasoned aviator, currently a captain with Swiss International Air Lines on sabbatical leave,"

That must be nice.

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Lots of people, me included, have had their pictures taken with Mount Fuji in the background, but this is by far, and will probably be the best one ever. Thanks for sharing your great moment, Mr. Yves “Jetman” Rossy!

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I want to try that one. I wonder if he is giving some lessons on jetmanning.

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